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    Make sure your 100% mate as you’ll probably already know you’re signing up from day 1 this time. And don’t expect it to be any easier because you’ve got a little experience it’s a 24/7 hangout. On the other side the new weekend policy is good for lads with families as we get thinned out last...
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    Week 5 - Summer leave

    There is a lad from our troop right now spending leave on base and no issue was made by the TT.
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    Shaving head

    I shaved mine beforehand and wasn’t sent to the barbers. I’m folicly challenged to be fair
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    Forecast Leave Dates

    Any ideas when Easter leave 2020 will be told?
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    Kit List for joining recruit training

    They’ll be buying the extra kit in town so there’ll be a bank. The machine at the camp shop works most of the time too
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    RT Kit

    No worries, see you there.
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    RT Kit

    Yep issued underwear. Fair play it’s your own choice, I can’t take one down as I will be flying down but if I wasn’t it’d be the first thing on my list. You just leave your stuff you need for training in your grots over the holidays, you only take civvi gear home. If you’re worried about...
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    RT Kit

    If you can take an ironing board then do it, you’ll be sent to the naffi to buy one if not. So saving yourself money as you’ll be keen to change the naffi one ASAP. Not sure if you mean you’ll be able to buy ironing boards to share between your section, but everyone should have their own and you...
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    Be prepared physically as my app went quicker than expected. The longest part for me was the Afco requesting to proceed with application. From that we found out I didn’t need to retake medical as long as I’ve restarted training by November 2019, I left November 2017. Wasn’t aware this could...
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    Congrats mate!! Did you get your unit of choice?
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    Hair - Balding

    Would you need to get permission from your TT or can you just crack on and keep it shaved?
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    PRMC am I ready

    Should’ve been clearer. Kenyan hills are a type of hill session that you continuously run up and down a hill at threshold pace for a set time. Don’t need to head to Kenya to do them thankfully, it’s just named that as it’s kenyan marathoners that do them. Being Scottish both summer and winters...
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    PRMC am I ready

    5 mile was the most I went and it wasn’t often. I focused on 400m/800m intervals. I done Kenyan hills(give them a google) and a lot of weighted circuits always including front squats. Felt really strong on day 3 thanks to the circuits.
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    PRMC am I ready

    The gym tests are the easy part. Your BFT time shows you’ll probably struggle with bottomfield and endurance. I ran 8.50 and started to lag at the end of endurance. Just another perspective.
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    Kit List for joining recruit training

    If he can’t carry a decent Ironing board with him then a cover will help drastically as the naffi boards are horrendous and as you’d expect expensive.
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    Or just postpone an extra month/6 weeks instead of being given minimum 3 month return ?
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    What’s your bleep & 1.5 scores?