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    Feedback on new site design

    Yeah this is looking like this on my phone
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    Cpl On a training team question time II

    I recently met some of these blokes who had no pass off they are still gutted and rightly so never wore their 2s. My favourite moment wasnt marching out onto the parade square it was going into the welfare bar. The screws announce your platoon in and say give a big cheer to the men of (x...
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    Got green lid

    What is 43 compared to regular unit?
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    30 Miler

    Well done
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    Cpl On a training team question time II

    About 4 platoons have passed out here and none had a parade infront their families. Gutted for them
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    Hello! - Help for ROP

    Edit on my last post above: Reading from past/present Marines saying about how phys isn't the only thing thatll see you through. For me it was about 30% of the battle the fitness side. As stated above youll have blokes fitness swapping saying how fast they are and for me I was never great at...
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    Hello! - Help for ROP

    All branches are voluntary and youd be amazed. Many people go thinking they have good attitude to find out they are actually lazy and a terrible team player. Certaintly had it on my side and you will to. Youll start noticing it on block jobs really fast when you've got your hand in the toilet...
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    Hello! - Help for ROP

    Yeah they do till week 9. We have a more colourful name for them in depot
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    Future Commando

    Have to say I am jealous. Elite units should have better kit. We have been asking for C8s for a while.
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    43 cdo , SFSG

    SFSG selection from our side I have been told a lot is learning the SOPs of how your new role on operating is going to be. The fitness apparently is 2 milers 10 milers as the main events you have to pass. Just P company standard so isnt too big an ask.
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    Baby now due before potential start date.

    On our side they were sent home if it went out that a man simply in training was refused to see his newborn child the media would have a field day.
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    Cpl On a training team question time II

    Something like that where he could have 5-10 minutes in a bubble to relax could be really helpful. For me it was the bbc news for 1 minute at breakfast in the scoff house little bit normality
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    Cpl On a training team question time II

    Id imagine so. Recently a full screw from 216 signals transferred already with wings all he had to do was live fire training which amazed me.
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    How long is an officer in the field for

    My experience from my side bridge. Our officers would jump in on exercise but firing their rifle I havent seen it yet from all officer ranks
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    Is there much contact with the Gurkhas?

    Ive worked with the ghurkas and I wasnt impressed as I thought I would. They are very rigid and very strict on having none issued kit on certain levels. I have heard a few times if they dont do very well at a certain promotion course they can stay the same rank for a very long time. Being said...
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    Is there much contact with the Gurkhas?

    How did you do on Drill and duties?
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    Transferring, Rejoining or Joining with Former Military Service

    I get almost a pound a mile. Maybe its gone down since april havent had it since covid
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    Transferring, Rejoining or Joining with Former Military Service

    Youll get that 275 in get you home pay a month. I get gyh and its almost 1 pound a mile. However you dont get it on leave
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    ROP - June 29th

    Interested in a diary/summery of what consists
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    Just Starting week 11. Any questions?

    All I know from paras side is they arent letting people home from 1 platoon that I know of. Intro 2 and 3 are merging to 1 longer exercise treat themselves.