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  1. Flubberdog

    30 Miler

    Well done Lurch! All the best in the next adventure. You are in one of the beat clubs in the world!
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    All the very best to you all. To be in this position, waiting for the FSB is a huge achievement. Good luck to you all!
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    YO 2021 Batch

    All the best to everyone going for the Batch. There is a lot of help on this forum, so ask away, whether you are interested in a place yourself, or are a parent or partner. Good luck to you all!
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    Officer pay and expenses

    As @TheRents says, there seems to be no shortage of beer money! When you start YO training you will be too busy to accumulate too much of a mess bill and as a commissioned second lieutenant the pay is pretty good. About £26k to start if I recall correctly. Certainly some of the lads buy...
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    Life as a YO in training

    This is one of the best potted descriptions of YO training you will see. @TheRents and I both had son's in YO 2018 and it is certainly a roller coaster for the lads. Much is expected and seeing the Batch gelling together as a team was a genuine privilege. Seeing them pass out was as well...
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    10 May POC

    Well all the best for when the POC happens! An ordinary POC is hard enough without a Super POC ;) Stay focused and smash it when the time comes!
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    9 Mile Speed March Time for Officers

    It was somewhat disconcerting to see another syndicate 500 metres away going on a different bearing. Alan Love it!! :)
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    9 Mile Speed March Time for Officers

    It is, but as I understand it the 9M speedmarch is on a different and more uphill course for the YOs. Oh and the YO syndicates have to navigate their own way on the 30 miler. Good luck gents!
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    Perspectives on Royal Marine Officer Personality

    @Trooper149 There is a great deal of knowledge and experience on this site and please do take it under consideration! Lots of good posts on this thread. But meanwhile, you have an opportunity to put yourself forward for this. It will be the toughest and most exhilarating thing you will ever do...
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    Tregantle Beach incident

    Heart breaking. Rest in peace Ethan. Thinking of the family and everyone at CTC who trained with him or were in the TT.
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    Officer training

    I agree with the above posts. The quality of RM recruits and serving Marines really fosters teamwork and YOs have done everything that recruits do, including all the admin, kit inspections, room inspections, mud runs and beastings! -jimlad- They also have to do the Commando tests in less time...
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    CTCRM Christmas Leave Dates 2019

    What a way to go... -nailbiting-
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    My Introduction

    One thing I would add is that on this forum there are a large number of PRMC diaries, which will give you a good idea of what you are going to have to do at CTC. It seems quite varied, so don't forget the knowledge and mental stuff as well as the physical! Good luck and let us know how you get...
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    My Introduction

    That question is above my pay grade as a parent to a RM YO , but I am sure someone will be on soon with some helpful advice!
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    My Introduction

    There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum and lots of encouragement too!
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    My Introduction

    Welcome and the very best of luck!
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    Hi from me

    I am the father of one of the YO batch from 2018. You are clearly motivated and have your eyes on the stars, but take everything one at a time. As you will discover, RT / YOT will draw on everything you have and at the end you will see what you have left.. Once you have gained your Green Beret...
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    YO 2019 Batch

    It is worth pointing out that there is only one YO batch per annum, so if you are interested for the 2019 batch you have no time to lose. After that you will be looking at a September 2020 intake. Good luck!
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    Forum future

    That's a huge relief! Thank you @Ninja_Stoker and @GreyWing for everything you do and everyone else who has contributed to the site, as well as pestering those in senior positions!
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    Yo too! There is a heap of information on this site from everyone who is going through the process, as well as parents and partners of the same. Enjoy!