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    Psychometric test fail

    If officer is what you really want, study hard and retake the test in four weeks. If you don't have the time to study now, wait until your A-Levels are over. Four weeks of hard study is nothing compared to the 32 weeks of OR training followed by 60+ weeks of YO training you'd need to do even if...
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    GCSE Requirement Changes

    I had a C at GCSE Maths and later qualified as an accountant (for my sins...).
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    Current Recruitment process

    If you haven't been given a contact from your AFCO yet your best bet would be contacting them directly via their Facebook page:
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    Unsure of if i should go to uni first or join the corps

    There are definitely pros and cons to both with no right or wrong answer, but to avoid fence sitting I would say go to Uni first and then look at joining the Corps. The best age for the Uni experience is 18/19, and it is said that the best age for maximising success at CTCRM is 21/22. Your...
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    Current Recruitment process

    For RMR the start dates for training and locations will differ depending on whether your detachment is London, Bristol, Merseyside or Scotland. As I said, initially training will be undertaken at a local training area and will eventually coalesce around Lymptstone for the latter stages of...
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    Things that make you laugh

    We have another contender for most absurd news story o_O:
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    He is Lightspeed, so maybe we all just missed it!
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    Your last session/workout!

    I was feeling tired and uncreative today so I just did the RMFA four times. 1.5 mile return: 09:18 (only did this once) Push-ups: 51 / 60 / 60 / 59 Sit-up: 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 Pull-ups: 10 / 10 / 9 / 8 My RROP is at the end of August so still a little time to chip away at my run time and also...
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    Current Recruitment process

    At the moment RMR joining is the same as Regs up until the VPJFT+, but instead of doing a ROP there is an RROP instead. This is conducted over a number of weekends and drill nights, and is held at your local detachment (with a few nights in the field over the weekends). The RROP includes a...
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    Feedback on new site design

    Edit: I see somebody else has already raised this!
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    What happens during VPJFT

    Edit: Apologies, I saw it was the video that's been removed and not the audio.
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    Transfer from RMR Trained Ranks to regular RM

    That is disappointing to hear as an RMR nod. I can see why skill fade and relevancy would be more a problem with RMR ranks who have been in for a while. There should be nothing wrong with any RMR rank’s initial training since the criteria tests are all identical and to the same standard as...
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    Decent RM Documentaries

    The tash game in the corps was strong back then by the looks of Behind the Lines!
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    Fitness plan help

    You don’t need to run with any weight at this stage, let alone attempting a BFT with 40kg+. Running with weight is introduced progressively during RT so you’re built up to it. At this stage it’s unnecessary and a one way ticket to knackering yourself.
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    Becoming a Commando during isolation

    Precision is improved by writing less and saying more.
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    Becoming a Commando during isolation

    Sometimes, the advice you tell others is the advice you need to follow.
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    Your last session/workout!

    You've done well to drop two stone already, but it's more than just being passed medically fit it's about functional fitness for RT. You're right that it'll take you some time to lose the weight, but it will also take you a long time to train to the required standard with the extra mass (plus...
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    Your last session/workout!

    I'm 30, about 5 foot 9 and 12 stone with a fairly stocky build. Like me you'll probably never be a racing snake, but I am fairly confident you can get to around 12 stone without making yourself ill if you do it in a structured and planned way. If you've had to starve and dehydrate yourself in...
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    Your last session/workout!

    What is your diet and nutrition like mate? What do your meals and food throughout the day look like? If you get that side of things right then the weight should drop off easily.
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    Cop takes a one man stand

    There’s footage out there of them throwing Nazi salutes at the police. They might get a shock when they read up on the guy whose statue they are supposedly defending....