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  1. Geespt

    Making use of the time before RT

    Some things to use would be a Silva compass that uses Mils and a ruler. Try getting out and doing some ground to map locating where you are on a map by the features around you. Get some practice in with contours, grid references, grid magnetic angle and bearings. Also some practice with...
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    Joining process

    You should be able to find the current joining process in this thread from @The guide
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    Baby now due before potential start date.

    If you do decide to go for it you’ll more than likely be given your 2 weeks paternity leave i’m right in thinking. With this though you’ll probably be back trooped as missing 2 weeks out of training is a lot, so just bear that in mind! i’ve seen lads been sent home on paternity leave and...
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    Commando Tests

    For me i found the Tarzan was my least favourite, it’s just a flat out red lining 12 minutes! -vomit- I enjoyed the 9 mile speed march as i found that was the one with the highest morale as it’s the only one you’re actually together as a troop effort, the endurance course is individual effort...
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    Your last session/workout!

    Murph Monday tomorrow!
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    Am I too big and muscular

    I was the same before i started my training, i did a lot of weight lifting and started my training on day one at 100.5kg. I did concentrate a lot more on my running and cardio in the months leading up to my start date and helped me out loads! being one of the heavier blokes in my troop it did...
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    Contact Lenses on Field Ex

    I used to wear contacts in the field! All i’d say is keep on top of eye admin and clean hands properly before taking them out/putting in, carry liquid and any spares. Take an old pair of glasses too! I tend to of found during the day I’d use contacts for any daytime lessons and then take...
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    How will rain affect my PRMC

    Training is about 8-9 months long if you’re lucky, you’re going to go through a lot of weather and seasons in that time! I remember falling through the thin layer of ice on the rope regain tank :D and then yomping in the heat on a exercise! Anything can happen in training.
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    Tregantle Beach incident

    RIP Royal. Thoughts are with the family, friends and troop.
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    Tips for keeping awake

    To help i’d use the cold, conduct your admin outside of your bag, but under your poncho. You’ll find it harder to sleep while you’re cold. (Obviously don’t get too cold and start going down though) Alternatively sipping on water while doing admin will also help keep you awake and well hydrated.
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    Contract question

    The contract you have now is your copy of it. When you get to CTC the first thing you do is swear by the oath and you'll then be handed your actual contract and a rank there will talk you through it all as a troop and be the witness.
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    Train Tickets

    Worst case scenario you might have to pay for your tickets and then when you’re at Lympstone, go to the Pay Office and you can reclaim what you paid. Hopefully something more helpful comes through and you can get it sorted before Monday!
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    Returning from leave - Thinking of wrapping? Don't!

    I remember the worst blues i got was returning from leave on Sunday and having to pack a bergen for Foggin Tor the next day, that included a night serial too so we didn’t get back to camp until 1:30am and had to deservice from the river crossing. Few hours later we were off to amphibious...
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    Worried about PRMC

    You still have just over a month to improve them! Train right and you’ll have no problem cracking the press ups on the day! Have a look on here for methods that’ll help you improve press ups, for me i found the ‘greasing the groove’ method the most helpful for pressups, situps and pullups.
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    Diet Suggestions for a 15 Year Old?

    Nothing better than a well balanced healthy meal! Recruits in training get 4 meals a day and that’s all they need considering the amount of calories needed in a day of training and what they accomplish. No need for extra dietary stuff or supplements just a good balanced meal!
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    Clicking Joints

    Nothing to worry about! As long as theres no pain! As we age the tissue that covers the bones called cartilage can develop uneven areas. For example when we squat or stand sounds come from these rougher surfaces gliding across each other in our knees. It could also be the tissue that connects...
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    Yours might take a little longer as summer leave will have just ended at Lympstone and the first PRMC again will probably be around mid September so might just be a long waiting list. Just keep doing what your doing and stay in contact with your careers advisor and you’ll get a date soon enough.
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    Also try and get a lanyard for the keys that will stand out to him, as during training the recruits will often all put their keys into a bucket for details, usually the gym where keys aren’t allowed. This way it’ll make it far easier to find his own when everyones rushing to grab their keys...
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    New member

    Right place, right time, right kit and you won’t go wrong! Good luck with the rest of RT!
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    One of my old corporals used to say “always be in the right place, at the right time, with the right kit and you won’t go wrong”. Very true words! Good luck!