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    Psychometric Test

    Yes if the risk has been assessed within guidelines then AFCO's are doing NSRT with reduced numbers. Apart from Liverpool who have manage to snaffle the drill hall!
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    Great news!

    That's what I get paid for. Now the rest is up to............................Kings badgeman? ;)
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    Security clearance

    If you e-mail to say it was cancelled then you never fully submitted it. Your Careers Adviser would have to redo another one. Make sure you have a decent internet connection as there is a lot of data on the forms. You need to make sure the screen acknowledges you have successfully...
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    Remember it is 65kg or BMI above 23 whichever is best.
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    Appealing Medical Rejection Advice? ARMY

    This is all a little bit odd as the portal has nothing to do with your medical. It is a separate system as it is medical in confidence. You receive a letter in the post. Can you message me a copy of the letter. Your CA will not know about it unless you have discussed with them.
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    Forums - Good or bad, old hat, outdated or still relevant?

    I still do the lottery with no chance of winning. Without hope where are we. :(
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    Forums - Good or bad, old hat, outdated or still relevant?

    I have clicked it hovered over it and as usual nothing. :(
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    Forums - Good or bad, old hat, outdated or still relevant?

    Bigger please, said the actress to the Bishop ;)
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    Forums - Good or bad, old hat, outdated or still relevant?

    Some of my Candidates can be a bit challenged mentally. Is it possible to extract decent training plans and put them in one place with a huge luminous button to press on?
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    PJFT Made easier?

    Even if you had to power walk a mile in 30 mins this has no bearing on PRMC. PJFT is just a very crude filter to get rid of any Walts. Lets face it if you struggle to do that run then you are going to be destroyed on PRMC. I am not suggesting this is you. ;)
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    Intro and advice

    All can be fixed within a couple of weeks. I personally would want to do a PRMC to make sure my fitness had not dropped off there is one every tuesday. In my area I can get you a medical within a week. PM yours details and I will take a look. If you genuinely really want this it can be fixed...
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    Intro and advice

    POC lasts for a year.To reactivate your application is easy if it has been withdrawn. You just need to re-apply, all your old information will be kept on the system. Medical only lasts for a year. A lad who wasn't selected by the end of August last year entered on the 3rd September the only...
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    Application Process - start to finish

    You can absolutely do this. Explain to your Careers Office that you would like to hold off for your interview until you are fitter but would like to box off the medical and Recruitment Test. The key to your whole journey is your Communication with your Careers Adviser. :)
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    You can be in within 6 weeks if the planets align and you are ready (I have done that once). The average person even if held up at medical normally adds 8-12 weeks beyond that for PRMC and 2-4 weeks for entry depending on the time of year. This is so that they can immediately up their training...
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    Weird Medical - TMU'd Due to Dr Not Having Prior Service Notes To Compare

    @Decapitari_G give your AFCO a ring and explain. If there is an issue beyond this PM me and I will sort it. :)
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    Australian ex army

    I put a lad in last year 3 weeks before his 33rd birthday. There was no room for an age waiver but that was a year ago. @Ninja_Stoker is correct in that although the commonwealth door Royal Navy closed in Feb on the reduced eligibility it is still open for Royal Marines. Don't ever wait for the...