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  1. Steph

    How long after medical review can I expect to begin training?

    Born there but not living there anymore :)
  2. Steph

    How long after medical review can I expect to begin training?

    I have problems differentiating some shades of light blue and green, but think I'm OK in this test -
  3. Steph

    How long after medical review can I expect to begin training?

    Have you ever heard of a female failing to meet the colour perception entry standards @Ninja_Stoker, @The guide @CHUB! ?
  4. Steph

    Withdrawal question

    That doesn't sound good, what AFCO? I'll make sure I don't go to that one!
  5. Steph

    Forum users

    I will do my best :)
  6. Steph

    Forum users

    I know there are lots of guest visitors, people who view the site, find the answer to their query, but don't contribute as this is such a brilliant resource. The parent and partner section is, I understand, quite busy and very supportive, but is it just me or is the forum quieter than ever before.
  7. Steph

    not recommended for rejoin

    Are you barred from re-entering? Or asking for a mate? You don't seem to have logged back on after asking the quezzie!
  8. Steph

    Women in Direct Combat Role by autumn 2017

    In the Mail Online a while ago - There is a virtual news blackout to supposedly protect personal security but the story is out there and it was in the news again recently -...
  9. Steph

    Is it worth going through the whole officer selection process only to be told no?

    This thread is an excellent eye-opener for those who are not sure -
  10. Steph

    Failed medical questionaire

    Do you mean you had a triage phonecall and were told your eyesight test did meet the standard? Think the only way you can appeal is by doing another eye test then if it meets the standard for entry, appeal. You can't just appeal...
  11. Steph

    PRMC 12th-15th February

    I've heard nothing - how many failed?
  12. Steph


    @Cai Jones , is that your real name?
  13. Steph

    told to defer after prmc fail

    @Ninja_Stoker, @arny01, @CHUB!, @R, @The guide, is this normal practice?
  14. Steph

    Girlfriend sells boyfriend’s Xbox One for £3

    Sounds fair to me :D
  15. Steph

    Medical requirements

    What are the rules on eczema and steroids for asthma? @CHUB! @Ninja_Stoker.