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    On hypertension meds. Can I still join

    Hi everyone, I was recently made PMU for high blood pressure and since then went to see a specialist who has put on me on chronic meds for hypertension. Was just wondering whether I will still be eligible to join with treated hypertension? It's been quite frustrating for me because I ended up...
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    PRMC 10th December

    Yup - chat group?
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    PRMC November 19th

    Hi chaps, also on this date....add me please
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    PJFT times

    Many thanks.
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    PJFT times

    Hi all, What are the current PJFT time requirements?
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    PRMC 29 October 2019

    Anyone else with this date contact me, maybe we can get a Whatsapp group chat going or something?
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    Visa length

    Good day all, I'm currently at the stage of the application where it is time for me to go to the UK to start the testing process. This of course in my case means getting a Visa. Therefore I need to make the decision to get either a 6 month or 2 year Visa. Cash is tight so would prefer the 6...
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    Waiting for Capita

    Would anyone be able to give me the contact details/website/email of Capita. I'm in the early stages of the process and I want to try and speed it up by getting this stuff done early.....also are there any other documents/clearances one needs (besides police clearance).
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    Hi everyone, I am a commonwealth applicant(South African) currently waiting for my application , just wondering if there are any other south Africans who have been through the process/who are most of the way through it and are willing to share some advice to speed up the process etc.