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  1. PRMH

    Webbing Weights

    They’re quite pricey and I’ve got a feeling the rubber will rot and breakaway after a while on bottom field however I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you all for taking the time to respond to this thread, I think I’ll try and find some diving weights as they’re designed...
  2. PRMH

    Webbing Weights

    On leave and trying to find some webbing weights online as I can’t seem to find any shops nearby that sell them and there are no diving shops nearby either, any recommendations on where to look lads? Don’t really want to wait until I’m back and have to go to the kitshop if I can help it, as I’m...
  3. PRMH

    Returning from leave - Thinking of wrapping? Don't!

    Thanks for that Ninja, I’ll keep it in mind and our PTI has made it very clear we are not to let our standards slip no matter what it is we’re doing whether it’s phys or taking a walk into town with a few friends.. but especially the phys. ;)
  4. PRMH


    That’s great to here! As for being hungry and tired, tell him training is like that in general, especially for the first few weeks whilst in foundation.
  5. PRMH


    How did he get on? :)
  6. PRMH

    Week 5 Nod, questions?

    Mark up your hangers or wrap a bit of lumi tape around them to make them easy to identify when you’re in the dry rooms, foundation block has a tendency to eat clothing if it’s not easily identifiable, when the training team say to name everything, NAME EVERYTHING there’s a reason for it! I...
  7. PRMH


    As long as you have got that in your mind and you keep yourself sharp, I hope you won’t have to much of a problem. Thank you, nervous for RT but I’m sure all the lads in my troop will be feeling the exact same way.
  8. PRMH


    Sounds sensible and mature, I feel like certain elements of my fitness have increased and others have just been maintained however I wouldn’t leave it too late, the version of you that passsed PRMC is the version they want in RT. Once again, well done on passing PRMC! It certainly isn’t for...
  9. PRMH


    Well done mate! When do you start RT?
  10. PRMH

    Parent - new member

    Ajc81, who’s your lad? Couple of us have got a private group going if he isn’t already in it tell him to send me a message if he is a member of this forum (which I would imagine he likely is)
  11. PRMH

    Bottom Field During RT

    I appreciate the support and the advice given to me in this thread, thank you All very much and I’ll take it onboard. It is a mental challange and the suspense leading up to the events ahead of me is a big part of it, I’m sure I, as well as the others that will be in the troop with me will...
  12. PRMH


    I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us all informed on your progress. :)
  13. PRMH

    Introduction Upcoming PRMC

    Welcome to the forum, if you have any questions regarding any part of the selection process leading up to Recruit training please feel free to ask away. I will answer any questions as best as I can based on my experiences through the selection process so far. :)
  14. PRMH

    Bottom Field During RT

    The SA80L85A2 weighs roughly 5kg doesn’t it? And I am fairly certain the A3 won’t be given to recruits for a few years.
  15. PRMH

    Bottom Field During RT

    Thank you for the breakdown of what’s to come, I found this post really insightful and appreciate you taking the time to respond. :D
  16. PRMH

    Bottom Field During RT

    *Text deleted* -banghead- :D
  17. PRMH

    Am I too small to join the Royal Marines?

    I’m fairly certain anybody who is determined, committed, courageous enough and able to stay positive as well as remaining unselfish when #%*~ hits the fan, pushing on through the entirety of Recruit training to earn their green lid will have earned the respect of all those around, or serving...
  18. PRMH

    Bottom Field During RT

    Hi all, I was just curious as to whether or not the bottom field assessment within RT is more or less the same as during the PRMC or if it is even more intense (if that’s possible)? Thank you in advance to anybody who is able to provide information. :)
  19. PRMH

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum, I’ve gotten through Pre Selection and I’m not far off RT, if you’ve got any questions up until the point I’m currently at, fire away. :)
  20. PRMH

    RT March 12

    You guys are a little over a month into training now I believe, how are you lads finding it and what advice can you dish out for the fresh blood about to embark on RT? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :D