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    Sit-ups and ass chafe...

    after a while, after doing many situps you will grow a callous, a extra layer of leather on your ass to help this. its all part of growing up. try wear trousers that dont move so much, it helps
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    Will they allow me if I have self harm scars?

    Hi i tried joining 12/13 years ago with this issue and the rule was from a form called "afco 5" more than one episode of self harm will be a bar to entry. So I couldn't join up. The current rules are more vague. I recommend you get fit and strong to max the entrance tests and just go for it...
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    Running in boots and weekly progression at rt

    Thank you for the answers. Will be a shame to see this site go
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    Running in boots and weekly progression at rt

    How far is the first run in boots at week one? And at what pace? Whats the progression week by week. Is this done with 15lbs of kit on your waist? Or does this come later? Just interested Thanks
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    Royal Marines Commando School - Episode Three (28/7) Official Thread

    I'm amazed at the attitude of some people here, giving that guy ( borg ) a hard time. He gave it 100%, the instructors thought his attitude was great, he tried HARD. Weeks after weeks of training wears you down. You might be fresh at the start of training but as it goes on you will get tired...
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    Joining the Legion

    I considerd it but the selection process is as hard if not harder as the RM, and most of the disqualifying factors are the same. If your rejected by the royals you will probably be rejected by the FFL. Except for age issues ( they enlist up to age 40, although if your over 30 you have much...
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    I guess they are second hand and the sole has worn down
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    Boots are these the boots you get issued at RT? the soles look very slippy, wouldnt a deeper thread be better?
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    Royal marine style Sit ups

    They completley messed my back up. re-occuring lower back pain is a permanant bar to entry too
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    When should I run?

    6 mile runs first thing in the morning, just eat a apple when you get up, should help burn off the fat
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    commando tests - endurance

    Thanks for the reply everyone In the charity event, can you do it with weight? I guess with a small backpack you wouldnt get through the tunnells/ sheep dip as the recruits in the videos use the webbing around their waist? steve
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    Help on pullups?

    Negatives worked for me I broke my collar bone too and had two surgerys. just do negatives every second day in sets eg 3 sets of 3, or 5 sets of 2, just do thems lowly, let yourself doen slowly, incoperate it into your push ups sit ups routine. keep your legs straight or crossed behind you...
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    commando tests - endurance

    got a question about the endurance test as they do here for the charity its a 4 mile run, followed by 3 miles through mud, pipes, sheep dips, then 4 miles back...
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    Suggested POC 6-week Training Schedule

    if you read the answers from the career guys on this thread you will see that this plan is out of date. You should use the get fit to apply pdf now we are all different with...
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    The Fan Dance someone made a route and elevation plot on one of those running site thingys. Love to have a go at this myself,
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    Back problems

    Planks, Ass raises ( bridges )...
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    Parachute Jumping?

    If the paras arnt jumping latley they should probably get a new name, like "the guys who run 1.5miles under 9.18, do milling and are agressive *text deleted**text deleted**text deleted**s regiment"?? :cool:
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    Original Medical Standards for Entry - Reference only

    rope climbing and tarzan assault with a missing finger? wow.
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    Break down of interval training?

    warm up fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow
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    RMAD - Royal Marines Acquaint Day - Poll

    what a muppet :bigsmile: do you have to do a medical before you get on one of these?