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  1. KopiteWD

    Football teams and administration.

    Yeah...lets not mention it.:evil:
  2. KopiteWD

    finatan circuits, anyone tried them??

    How far should these Hill Sprints be? I've got a Hill thats around half a mile which is pretty steep that is close to where I would do my circuits.
  3. KopiteWD

    Football teams and administration.

    Wouldn't support another team but I'd still go watch the occasional match as a neutral for a local team.
  4. KopiteWD

    Endurance Course - JCC

    Thanks mate. :bigsmile:
  5. KopiteWD

    Endurance Course - JCC

    Maybe a bit of a daft question but what is the "The Junior Command Course (JCC)" ?
  6. KopiteWD

    just a little snow

    We've had snow for a week and I've pretty much gave up running while the snow remains as its all just turned to ice and its being topped up with more snow as we speak. Little tip, watch out for the bottom of drain pipes, already slipped on my *text deleted**text deleted* twice just walking on them.:unsure:
  7. KopiteWD

    All at the same time or hourly?

    Ta for the advice lads:shakehands:
  8. KopiteWD

    All at the same time or hourly?

    I was wondering what would have more benefit on your body, if you were to do for say 50 press ups all at once or spread out over the day. Would it make any difference to the benefits you gained?
  9. KopiteWD

    Week 25 Monday..

    Congratulations on getting so far, not long till you pass out! Whats the hardest Phys session you've done?
  10. KopiteWD

    Football thread 2012/13

    I don't think Suarez meant to handball it as after all it was a ricochet from the keeper which is why it was given as it wasnt intentional. Probably should of been disallowed as it lead to us scoring but that's down to the referee and his linesmen not Suarez. Seen some saying that Suarez should...
  11. KopiteWD

    Run time

    I used to weigh 18 stone 4 pounds, now I'm 13 stone 10 pounds and am a healthy weight for my height and you should as I did notice a drastic increase in your performance when you stop you're dieting after getting down to the weight you feel right at. Two main factors is you have less weight to...
  12. KopiteWD

    Need some advice

    Cheers mate! Glad you said that as the band round my chest is horrendous to have on during running. I have noticed that when I've had my heart rate monitor on while running I've slowed by a couple of seconds which I assume is because rather than just running as fast as I can *text deleted** been controlling...
  13. KopiteWD

    Need some advice

    Hey guys, I'm new as you can probably tell. :noob: I'm planning on joining the RM after sixth form which is two years away yet so I've started timing myself on runs now as poor preparation leads to poor results. Just need some advice about a couple of things if any of you can help me...