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    Medical Examination- What's involved?

    After my Triage call, the nurse informed me that they would need further information on an old sports injury, from my GP. I got those sent off and got an email saying that those notes would be reviewed today. I have just received a new email with a date for the medical face-to-face appointment...
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    Medical Standards for Entry

    @Ninja_Stoker Do all three services tend to follow the medical standards to the same extent? Or, as a random example, is it the case that the Royal Navy/ Royal Marines are less liberal when judging musculoskeletal injuries than the Army or RAF, despite officially using the same standards. Cheers
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    Crossover of specialisations?

    Hi, First off, I'll just say that I'm a big fan of the site and have found it very useful in finding out all sorts of info on the corps. I have a question about the extent to which specialisations can be crossed over, in the formal, qualified sense, from the Army to the Royal Marines. If in an...