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  1. LRL

    Struggling please help

    If you struggle to run 8mm for 0.6 of a mile I would suggest keep running at that pace but push yourself and aim for 0.1 of a mile each week, do it in sets. 8mm pace is what you need to run at ideally for the first half of the PJFT so focus on getting used to that pace and before you know it...
  2. LRL

    Prmc/Rt fitness ready?

    Keep it simple mate and work on the main things, it will come. I’m getting my app put in sometime in May.
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    Press up trouble

    Try my variation of gainers, if find you get progress quicker this way that rather add 1 rep to 1set a day. For all movements do: A Max set 3x half sets In between each set have between 1-2mins rest, you choose. Do this every other day for all 3 movements.
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    Christchurch shootings: What happened in New Zealand

    @rkec thing is those people who actively seek it aren’t just going to watch just one video they’ll be watching others, it’s human nature to want to see something out of pure curiousity, and in doing so it’s not healthy to be seeing images and videos like that over and over again. I know you...
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    Close enough, on the day I felt the first symptoms I thought I could just run it off as it started as a cough and tight chest ahah. It’s just a lesson I’ve had to learn and I sure now know that sometimes it’s okay to take a day off. I just hate the thought of losing what progress I have gained...
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    That’s my problem I never think I’m doing enough or pushing myself hard enough.
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    I class the swim day as a rest day, not sure if that would be okay or not? For me too many rest days just makes my muscles get tight that’s why I do 1.5miles steady inbetween my actual sessions to keep my body loose. Totally understand point two that actually makes a lot of sense. I’ll swap the...
  8. LRL

    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    My current routine that I’m following seems to be doing me good for now, I’ve just had flu so I’ve had to start from scratch again but it doesn’t equate to 25 total miles. For cardio: M- 1.5mile best effort T - 1.5mile steady W - 3mile at 8mm pace increasing distance weekly T - 1.5mile steady F...
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    Cheers, I think it’ll be a fair bit till I get to 6miles In 45mins so I’ll just stick at the recovery runs for now whilst working on my 3miler.
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    My breathing was good, no tightness or niggles or sweating so I think I did it right, I just whacked on Ant Middletons Audio Book First Man In and ran away, really enjoyed it if I’m honest! Hopefully it’ll help get my BFT down
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    Recovery Run/ Distance Running

    Just done my first long distance recovery run, 6.5miles in 1hr 11mins, there was a nasty half a mile or more hill as well so probably increased my time slightly. So just wounderinf where I stand with this distance/time? What’s a good time to be aiming for ?
  12. LRL

    Fitness struggles

    I would say if you’re eager to apply get as close as you can to the pass standard then apply. But on the flip side you could aim to max out as much as you can and then apply, it will essentially make it easier for you.
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    PRMC 12th-15th February

    Them changes are balanced though, some things were made harder, others easier. When it comes to the day of the AC and EC it’s just about completing everything that’s put in front of you, regardless if things have been altered. If you’ve trained hard and you’ve got that mindset you should be able...
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    Foam Roller

    Just had a crack with the one I bought, spent a fair bit of time on each leg. I didn’t find it bad at all, there definitely was a few knots but my legs feel looser for sure
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    PRMC 12th-15th February

    PRMC diary’s and Results posts won’t be affecting forum activity at all. Like anything things fluctuate, it just happens to be that today there’s not a massive amount of activity compared to a few years back. There’s a lot of factors behind it but the main one for sure is that not as many people...
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    Foam Roller

    How long do you foam roll for?
  17. LRL

    Foam Roller

    I’ve never owned or used one Andy know people swear by them so I’m looking to buy one. What Foam Rollers would you guys recommend and what does you routine look like?
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    Exertion headaches

    I get them right after a hard run. They last for a while as well. Nothing you can really do but keep hydrated and refuel after.
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    Seamless transfer RMR Trained Ranks to Regular Royal Marines

    Got to do what you got to do mate. I know my relationship isn’t comparable to yours but I’m willing to sacrifice it for a chance to be in the corps
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    Just keep consistent, and make sure you’re increasing the distance or speed ever so slightly week in and week out. I started running seriously again since new year after 3 years not running in preparation for re-applying and I’ve been consistent throughout smashing mocks every other day and I’m...