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  1. channing26

    Tregantle Beach incident

    Such tragic and devastating news. Rest in Eternal Peace young man. Love thoughts and prayers are with your family, friends, troop, TT and the RM family. Your Duty is Done
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    New Member

    hello @gin123 - welcome :)
  3. channing26

    son starting training

    @bumblebee you've been added to the P&PO section - take a l0ook there's a load of Gucci info on there :)
  4. channing26

    son starting training

    Welcome there is a Parent and Partner page on this forum and I'm sure @Ninja_Stoker or @Chelonian will add you to it. It is a really supportive group. Please make sure you buckle up tightly for the rollercoaster ride of your life, known as Recruit Training! There will be nothing close to all...
  5. channing26

    My boyfriend is joining in March

    Welcome - this is a great forum. You'll find out loads of information and you will get tons of support as your boyfriend goes through RT. Once you know what troop he's going to be in I'm sure there will be a thread (@Chelonian ), but in the mean time ask any question and there will definitely be...
  6. channing26

    Forum future

    As great as the welfare is, sometimes speaking to P&P's who have gone or are going through the same as you makes it more personal with shared experiences. I have to be honest this is my first port of call xx
  7. channing26

    Forum future

    Awesome news xx phew our family has resumed! Thank you to everyone involved in sorting this out. Looking forward to hearing everyone's news xx Onwards and upwards @Ninja_Stoker @GreyWing @arny01 @Chelonian - Thank you! @Chelonian It doesn't get you out of wearing a Ninja Worriers t.shirt...
  8. channing26

    Forum future

    This must be one of the saddest things I've read - and it's ludicrous that something so good should be gone! The support that has been given over the years has been incredible, so I thank each and every one of you. Keeping everything crossed that this will not be the end of this amazing forum...
  9. channing26

    Commando Challenge - open to all.

    Whoop whoop whoop - that's an awesome amount - go NINJA's!! #proudtobeaninja!!:)
  10. channing26

    Commando Challenge - open to all.

    Did @Hazey66 also mention naked bar staff........with only an apron???;)
  11. channing26

    Commando Challenge - open to all.

    Thank you everyone and all your support and encouragement today. An amazing morning #ninjaworriers
  12. channing26

    Commando Challenge - open to all.

    I wish I could get excited but I just feel sick!-vomit- Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far - all monies received is going to a great cause close to all our hearts.
  13. channing26

    Marine Cadets

    I'm a volunteer at a local SCC Unit that has an RMCD (my husband has just stepped down as Detachment Commander - in fact that was where I met my husband 30 years ago!) and I can't recommend it enough. All 3 of my boys have been RM Cadets and flourished during their time being involved, and I'm...
  14. channing26


    Good luck to your son with his PRMC. Hope it's successful for him If you think you're nervous now......wait until RT starts. The forum is a great place for support and friendship and that's from experience. Remember to ask any question as there will always be someone who can give you the answer...
  15. channing26

    RM Endurance course challenge October 2017 - Fund raising

    Ninja' Worriers smashed it as predicted! Although not a participant - I left that to the professionals......I was there to support. You were all a true inspiration. It was great to meet everyone who are all either on, going or have been through the journey of Rct training and beyond. It was...
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    Thank you for this - really helpful
  17. channing26

    RT 5th September 2016

    My son is - good luck to you all
  18. channing26

    Son starting RT

    Hi, My son is starting RT next Monday and looking through this forum has been really helpful, seeing the various stages he has and will have to go through to achieve his dream. Good luck to everyone