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    PRMC 30th july

    I’m on this one pal, I’ve messaged you
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    Press ups help

    I was in a similar position, already doing push style gym sessions to supplement my press ups but like yourself the lactate would just come outta nowhere and stop me in my tracks. So I’ve just started banging press ups out multiple times a day for such random rep ranges, whatever is convenient...
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    PRMC am I ready

    In my opinion you have only 3 weeks of solid training left before you start to taper off for your prmc, which isn’t enough time to add any kind of mileage to your weekly total. Rower intervals usually get my lungs in my mouth, 1000m in 3:30-4:00 mins consistently for 5/6 rounds with maybe 2/3...
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    Restarting an application

    I’ll get straight to the point, paused my application in 2017, now I’m just wondering how I would go about restarting the process. I just didn’t want to go emailing my careers advisor for them to be based at a different afco or something like that, since it had been a while. Also, are RMADs...
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    How long does it take for shin splints to heal

    Ah fairs, well there's only one way to find out really isn't there haha. Thanks for the info brother
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    How long does it take for shin splints to heal

    I told him pretty much what you just told me, but he said he just gets them off a website he trusts make high quality insoles for him to give his clients, he said I could buy my own or take some he has. he reassured me they weren't prescription as they weren't made specifically for my feet and I...
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    How long does it take for shin splints to heal

    I also fell to shin splints, took a week off, started using all the Ice, ibuprofen etc etc and went back into training, they came straight back. Went to a physio and he basically just told me I overpronate when I run, sorted me with some insoles and good as new just like that. He told me I have...
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    Congrats brother, good luck for the next step. I'm also poor at treadmill running, fine on roads like but very gash on the treadmill. What was your training like going into it? Was it heavily treadmill based or? I use the treadmill once a week and do all of my other running outside as I hate them
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    Passed Medical

    Ah thanks, sounds interesting, did they make you do your max press ups or just a few?
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    Passed Medical

    Congrats! What sort of things did they have you doing?
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    Interview pass

    As title reads, I had my selection interview today and passed, I'll do a little diary of what happened but it's pretty simple (except from when you're actually there nervous sweating buckets in yer suit). Arrived 5 mins early and waited to get called through, did so, and got seated in a small...
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    Quick pull/press/sit up progression

    *sorry if I this has already been shared on another thread. I thought I would share as it has worked wonders for me and a mate who is joining another force* just how I do the gym test excersises. The number in brackets at the end of each section is my personal gains in 3/4 weeks doing it to...
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    Recruit test pass diary

    A the title suggests, today I had my recruit test and passed, so I will do a little run through of how the 2 or so hours went down. And will answer any questions for anyone with the RT coming up. Arrived at my local AFCO at 9am, there was only 6 of us there (2 marine applicants, 4 others) and...
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    Please critique my training split!

    Thanks for the feedback, especially the running technique tips as I'd say running is probably my weak area (I shall be implementing them asap). BUT, without gloating, my running has improved loads since I started running as I hardly did any, thing the first return time I got was like 14 mins...
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    Please critique my training split!

    you make a lot of sense, I will have to leave my ego at the door as the old saying goes I guess and forget about the arms, rather focus on the important stuff instead of getting reality checked failing PJFT/PRMC. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Please critique my training split!

    Good point, I'll have to try my best to resist nipping gym after work on the Friday to rest instead. Quick Q, if I just train my arms, does it count as resting my lower body etc or is the general use of kcals hindering the recovery of the other body parts?
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    Please critique my training split!

    I have seen a few good ones on here and have made my own to start tomorrow, but wish for it to be poked at by you guys so I start a good routine. It's more PJFT specific at the moment, with little road running, if all goes well it will change to a more PRMC specific routine further down the...
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    Thank you, and it's just what I kept telling my self "I'm just taking a year out" then "I'm just taking a second year" when I was hesitant about going on to university. But now I know I definitely do not want to go down that road. My fault for not being clear on my intro :)
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    Hello, just introducing myself (really just to be able to ask questions in other sections) I'm 21 years old, finished college and on my second gap year with no ambition to go to university. Work part time at a supermarket, I have always wanted to join the military (most likely due to my...