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  1. Sniper11!

    Transferring an application to Army reserve

    @thirdtry Thank you, valuable insight. I suspected as much but as the Army use capita aswell I was hoping there may be a chance. Restart it is Thanks again
  2. Sniper11!

    Transferring an application to Army reserve

    Thanks Polo. In the process of asking the same questions to AR but there are some knowledgeable CA on here, always worth an ask. Can't have too much gen.
  3. Sniper11!

    Transferring an application to Army reserve

    Does anyone have any gen on the possibility of transferring a RMR application mid process to Army reserve? Unfortunately my personal circumstances have changed fairly dramatically this year (as alot of people's have) and as such I cannot commit to the RMR, however after talking to my local AR...
  4. Sniper11!

    Medical Review

    Believe it or not I am yet to have my f2f medical. It is booked in for a couple of weeks time. To be honest I don't have any notes to take! It's all on my medical records at my Drs, of which I don't have a copy. Having been cleared to go to f2f medical I've been told I don't need to take...
  5. Sniper11!

    Length of RMR training?

    It's a valid question, bearing in mind the AR run a much more flexible training program for reserves so it can be done as quick as you can offer your time to the training. Part of the challenge of the RMR is consistently being available for the weekends over 15 months. A lot can change in that...
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    Transfer from RMR Trained Ranks to regular RM

    I've already said this on another thread recently but @Chelonian you once said to me "The credit lies with the man, NOT the cap badge". Seems like an appropriate piece of advice for this thread.
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    RMR vs AR

    It's a tough question for anyone but yourself to answer. A lot depends on your flexibility, your reasons for wanting serve, what you want to get out of it and how much time you have to spare. I have a RMR application in at the moment however with covid, their single yearly intake and...
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    Thanks @Chelonian :)
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    There's a link on one of the forums with a corps knowledge info pack. Use the search bar or maybe someone else on here can point you towards it?..
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    Turning 31 soon

    Welcome @primezero89! I'm also 31, there seems to be a fair few older lads going for it, reassuring to see. Youve got heaps of time to get fitter, I applied in Jan and I'm only just at the face to face medical and VPJFT+. Just make sure you're consistent with your training and build up...
  11. Sniper11!

    Introduction- applied for RMR

    Just realised I posted a one word reply, random. Welcome @reacher89! I'm also "old" and going for RMR. Will miss this year's intake for sure but glad to see there are a fair few in their 30's taking it on. Standard questions, how's your phys? Why did you have problems with the Army? And what...
  12. Sniper11!

    Introduction - RMR VPJFT+

    No dramas! Portsmouth, although I'm going to miss this year's intake due to work circumstances change die to covid
  13. Sniper11!

    Introduction - RMR VPJFT+

    Welcome @Alcatraz The VPJFT+ is currently being run for RMR applicants as well as regulars. I'm a RMR applicant and have mine coming up. Which det are applying for?
  14. Sniper11!

    Building to 3 X 3 mile runs a week

    Holy smokes I'm surprised you've found a pair that'll stay in one piece for 2 years. Yeah 100% get a new pair, order the same pair new online if you can find them? You know they fit then. Twice in the past I've started to get shin splints, realised I've done way more miles than I should have in...
  15. Sniper11!

    Building to 3 X 3 mile runs a week

    Not sure if you've already answered this but have you got new runners? The guy I buy all my runners off says it's the biggest single cause of shin splints, using your trainers past their shelf life. I believe he said 500 miles is about the usage limit recommended for most decent runners, before...
  16. Sniper11!

    V22 osprey

    There are heaps of American aircraft based in the UK, Im strongly tipping it'll simply be US forces exercising or keeping competencies up to date. I was based not far from Lakenheath and Mildenhall at one point, 2 big US air bases in the south east. Skies were constantly buzzing with ospreys...
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    RMR kit... what's issued, whats bought

    Thanks for the reply TPA. Good to hear about the boots, they were absolutely rats as I remember. Would have been better off tabbing with a bear trap on each foot. I will start a fresh thread for this question but whilst I've got you... Do you know of anyone spending a year or more on holding...
  18. Sniper11!

    Triage Phone Call Booked

    For mine they literally read through the medical questionnaire that you have already filled out, just to confirm that you havnt missed anything out. Any of the answers that you have as a yes they question you on them and ask for more details. Standard stuff