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    RMR Marlow

    is anyone on this site looking at attending RMR Holding troop at Marlow Detachment
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    Just wondering if anyone has heard from FSB yet
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    Good luck for all today
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    YO 2021 Batch

    Also aiming for this Batch, just passed my VAIB recently for scholarship but the 2021 Batch is my aim over the scholarship. Will have to redo a few things to keep them from expiring.
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    Future Commando

    Yes i agree about the flashes
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    Officer Work Experience

    hi all I have just turned 17 and would like to get some more work experience, i have passed everything up until POC, which was cancelled on May 10. Can you suggest any work experience or ways of getting any, preferably not military to show i understand outside world and can work with others non...
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    Virtual AIB

    Hey *text deleted* same boat as you but havent been updated on anything
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    10 May POC

    This POC was cancelled a couple days ago unfortunetly the grape vine is Super POCs almost every week potentially once this current situation is in a stable enough state for POCs to run
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    Just heard that AIB will now be Over skype interview and the psychometric test, how much or the normal AIB is missing due to corona virus and tips for AIB interview from those that have passed would be good.
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    10 May POC

    Thank you ill let you know how POC goes and any news about CTCRM during this pandemic
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    10 May POC

    Yes i reckon because theyre trying to keep POC going to fill the batch
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    10 May POC

    Yes still going ahead spoke to ACLO a couple days ago
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    10 May POC

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    PRMC 11th May

    POC but 10 May good luck to you
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    10 May POC