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    Is there much contact with the Gurkhas?

    Yes the infamous "doko" race is the last part of the selection test. An uphill race carrying a traditional basket made of bamboo called the "doko" filled with sand/stone which is attached to a strap that goes across the forehead so your neck and back are constantly under tension while running...
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    Virtual PJFT+ Trial

    I guess that depends on ones fitness level. I'll be honest though mate, the first time I tried it was after a 3 mile run thinking "it's just another bodyweight circuit" I ended up struggling on the last round. After that I planned my training accordingly and did at least 5 practice runs before...
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    Virtual PJFT+ Trial

    Yes mate, he asked if I could do a 4th round at the end and I said yes and completed it. He did mention beforehand that the standard to pass the test is 3 complete rounds, so the 4th round was just to check on overall fitness.
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    Virtual PJFT+ Trial

    Hey mate, I did shave before mine (not that i had much to shave off). And although the PTI who took my test kept the conversation very casual and relaxed, I'd still recommend turning up smart. Since you've already put in all the effort physically to prepare for the test anyway. Hope that helps...
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    Virtual PJFT+ Trial

    Recently passed my vpjft+ as well. The tips mentioned here were very helpful so cheers for that. Just wanted to add another point as I noticed it during mine. If you are using your phone as the device to play the audio during the test, make sure to download the audio file and then put your...
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    RMR det RT start dates

    Hey mate, nothing set in stone apart from getting your vpjft done asap if you havent done so (which you seem to have booked anyway). Apart from that, we are all just waiting for the next official update from the staff at RMR London. If you haven't received any emails from them recently I'd...
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    RMR det RT start dates

    Not sure if this helps, I'm london det and we start RT in September (was meant to be August but got pushed back due to the current situation). In my opinion, best thing to do is to contact your careers advisor to put you in touch with someone from the Nottingham or Birmingham dets. Given the...
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    Aiming for that PRMC (R). Got my interview booked and aiming to join holding troop at London det soon!
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    New Member

    Hi all, I came across this site while researching for the RMR and found some very helpful info. I am hoping to join the RMR and am currently in the medical stage of my application. Cheers!