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    No email as of yet. I believe chelonian has informed us of how royal navy communication takes place.
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    Just called up my ACLO and received the verdict of the final selection board. I have been told the size of this years batch is 60 candidates.
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    I believe our fates have been determined. Good luck all. I was going to make a call to the AFCO tomorrow pm and see if I could receive any enlightenment.
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    Post AIB advice

    Thanks. One can only wildly speculate on the size of the batch required and the number of applicants to have made it past the AIB with all this disruption. Was recently told that FSB will be sitting on the 15th July. I was surprised they had not pushed it back further.
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    Post AIB advice

    Yes you are correct but expect it to take 2-3 months to sort out after FSB.
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    Post AIB advice

    In this position right now. I’ve tried a little manoeuvring in different directions but the application process is pretty inflexible. It’s a decision based on the individual and the AIB board for when a retake could take place but I believe 9 times out of 10 they will say 12 months. I tried...
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    Royal Marine Manning Targets Before, Now and Future?

    At the risk of upsetting a few contributors with far more experience of how the corps and military recruitment works than me I do agree with trooper 149’s sentiment that the recruitment process is quite drawn out and for many needlessly long (In terms of intervals between the tests). For both...
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    10 May POC

    Good luck
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    10 May POC

    It’s refreshing to hear that. Glad to know the recruitment process hasn’t completely lost its nerve.
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    10 May POC

    Not on this, just curious to ask you if this date is still going ahead?
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    AIB help

    (I was hoping to keep this short but it seems I have failed spectacularly.) Passed my AIB a couple of weeks ago for the RMYO role. The major points I took away were as follows- Its Hard! Id rather be sheepsdipping any day of the week. Its a 2 day course but the first day is nothing to...
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    1.5 mile run times

    Now you know you can put down a very respectable time that should go a certain distance to temper any nerves.
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    20th April RT

    Could be on this date if making the young officer batch is looking particularly dicey.
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    PJFT run time

    You don't get any bonus points for running the first half any faster than 12.30. Run that as slow as possible. 9:30 is not a 'good' time but it should get you to PRMC. Also I would advise giving yourself a nice training furlough for at least 3 days before the PJFT.
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    How will rain affect my PRMC

    If it aint raining, it aint training.
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    Your last session/workout!

    Trip to the local climbing gym, who said strenuous exercise cannot be fun.
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    1.5 mile run times

    Yep, I get what you mean exactly. Slowing down on a treadmill is more removed than outside where you don't know how fast you are going and cannot account for slight variations in speed. As soon as you hit that - button its mission failed.
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    1.5 mile run times

    I found a good method was to do the majority of training for the BFT on a treadmill as you can set the speed and therefore time you will complete it in. For example for your 8.30 time. (8.5/60 = 0.142) (2.4/0.142 =1 6.9km/h) Run at 16.9kmh (10.5mph if you are that way inclined) for 8minutes...
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    9 Mile Speed March Time for Officers

    Well with any luck I'll be seeing you this September. If not at least we will both possess major respect for our OC's during our time as OR's.