1 week free..


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Jan 16, 2008
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ok guys i have a week off now, so! some serious training! im going to be training everyday mostly all day running e.t.c!

i want a routine(if any of you know)

that can improve me by:
10 pressups
10 situps
2 pullups

and can get my time down by 10 seconds on my 1.5!

is this possible to do in a week.

i have no time limit and can train all day!

help please?




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Jan 14, 2008
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Mate to increase Press-ups just keep doing them, i must do about 150 spread out through out the day, for instance when i go upstairs to get changed or what ever ill just do about 35 press-ups, when i read post on this forum and MFAT it'll motivate me to want to do more so ill drop down and do how many press-ups i feel like doing-(no less than 20) and i'll always max out per day with press-ups and sit-ups to see any improvements, i do the same with sit-ups but do more than press-ups due to me finding them easier. And with pull-ups i am very lucky by living right opposite a school football pitch, so again about 3-4 times a day ill go on to the field and do as many as i can on the goalposts, and same with sprinting around the pitch, or what i used to do when they took them down once was use my shed as a pull-up bar, mate when i first started training i could do 12 pressups, 51 sit-ups, 0 pull-ups and run 3 miles in about 30 minutes. but i just kept doing them i saw an improvement in my pull-ups after about a week of constanstly doing them same with press-ups and i do sit-ups with medicine balls which seemed to help me. with running i run 3 miles 5 times a week and sometimes i'll substitute 3miles with a 4-5 mile run. and what help me decrease my time was sprinting half way across a football pitch jog rest and then repeat. hope that helps mate but everybodys diffrent so might not work for you but did me!


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Feb 5, 2008
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with the running you can try sprint training or whatever anyone likes to call it, but anyway, there is one way that i heard of that chinese fitness freaks do
you sprint for 20 seconds as fast as possible then a slow jog for 30 then repeat and do this for four mintues then have a 1 or 2 minute rest, whatever suits you and do it again for four mintues, this should be done over about a 30 minute period and it will really increase your running speed, on any run. If you want to do it for longer though or like 2 or times a day go ahead.

Press ups, hmm.. i might suggest doing your max amount every day, like 3 to 4 times a day because your not doing anything and every two times try and increase your max by one more or just do the little thing that the person said above, like whenever you go in and out of your room do press ups. and the same with sit ups.

and pull ups, well i can only do one at the moment but i found a lot of working out my arms helped me at least do one, but make a rule for them like above, do how ever many pull ups when you leave your room or something