Jul 21, 2020
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Oh wow hahaha didn't expect all these responses, just wanted to get to posting my question I wanted to ask on another part of the forums, apologies for the lack of effort. I guess I'll give something of an introduction now...

I'm 21 years old and have wanted to apply for best part of a year now, although I have considered it on and off for a few years. Only in the last month or so have I decided to bite the bullet and knuckle down with my training and get on with it, to be honest before that I was just full of excuses for myself as to why it would never happen. Now I realize everybody has these issues and it's completely up to me to achieve my dreams. Hoping to put my application in reasonably soon (inside the next 2 months).

I must say so far this forum has been a great help, most questions I can think of have already been asked and been answered in the past which is incredibly helpful, so thanks to all the lads on here who dedicate any of their time to the forum. Cheers.