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Mar 17, 2019
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Personal Security (PERSEC) is for the protection of every user on this site. The reason we request members use anonymous log ins is contained within the sticky post I’ve linked below. In essence ; this policy is for your own safety.
A timely reminder for everyone else is that everything you post online can potentially be linked back to you. Throw in a set of initials, year of birth and a start date and it is easy as pie.
I am not aiming to scare monger but we must all note that unfortunately there are individuals and groups who may try and cause you harm. The current UK threat level is severe. Please consider the security implications of serving within HM Forces.
You will get more detail on this during your recruit training but until then, please get into good habits now.

Another reason is recruiters and recruit training staff use this forum. One of the benefits of the anonymity we grant users is that it allows for more engagement without fear of highlighting oneself.

We want this place to be an enjoyable, informative and safe online environment. So can everyone please play their part. Please send myself or another moderator a private message with instructions on what you would like your username changed to. Also you may want to consider a new profile picture. Thanks.

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