15th July PRMC


May 14, 2008
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Day 1
i set off at 9.45 and after a nervous 5 hour journey arrived at lympstone Commando. we actually all went passed the station and had to wait until the train turned around at Exmouth and travelled back past the station before we could get off. On arrival it was just a case of getting sum bits of kit that we would need and settling in. its a good idea to speak to sum of the other lads on the course when u arrive as i found it helped ease the nerves. After evening Scran at 5pm followed by nineoclockers we all got our heads down early as we had an early start.

Day 2

Up at 5.40 ready for breakfast at 6.15 followed by a drill lesson. Big tip here for the drill. dont scratch! we ended up doing about 200 odd pressups because lads were scratching, which probobly affected the number of pressups i managed in gym test 1!
straight after the drill it was a case of get changed ready for the 3miler. this was eventfull and we seemed to prof a bit here as the minibus slipped of the track into a ditch and the stopwatch broke. . . . . RESULT! this meant we got a slight headstart as we had to start infront of the minibus and we got a good 3 minute rest as the corporals decided what to do about the stopwatch when we should hav had about 10 seconds before we were to turnaround and come back. we lost 3 guys on the run, one got injured the other 2 just not in time and we would hav lost a cupel more if the stopwatch hadnt of broken and minibus hadnt of crashed *text deleted*.

we had a cupel of lectures on pay etc and then in to gym test 2 in the afternoon. this wasnt too bad just a case of the bleep test, pressups, sit ups pullups, if you cant do 3 pullups you will fail so prepare for this. we were also a bit fortunate in that we didnt hav a real warm up. big tip in the gym if you get caught scratching its either sprints or tuck jumps. we were told sweat is there for a reason to cool you down, so leave it.
After this it was a quick swim, back for scran and a cupel of lectures, more scran followed by another early night.

Day 3
Up early again, straight after breakfast we moved down to do the death slide, followed by the high obstacles which just tests if you hav balls or not *text deleted* straight after this it was a timed assault course run through and then the very cheecky determination test, involving a general 'extra phys'. dragging guys around and sprinting up hills.this is hard but you just have to get on with it. it dosnt help when yor legs are wet from having to go through the tank trap. with this test if you put the effort in it will end early so dont just mong it at the back basically. although hard it was fun and nobody dropped out.

the afternoon was gym test 2, involving team games. it is pretty fun but they make you work and you sweat buckets. the hardest part of the whole course for me followed which was sprints. here giv it all you got!
After a few games of cards in the evening that is pretty much it for day 3. it is the hardest day but dosnt involve a lot of scoring. you earn most of your points which go towards passing or failing in gym test 1. so as long as you dont giv up you will pass.

Day 4
we got our results in the morning just one lad who stuck the whole course out failed but it was obvious that he was seriously struggling, sure he will pass it next time tho. the remaing i believe 47 of us were given a pair of boots a certificate and RT booklet followed by a course closing brief.


run - 9.21
bleep test - 11.4
pushups 54
situps 61
pullups - 5

i think overall i came 24/25 out of 57. 8 in total did not pass, with most of them going home before the end. ive said it before but dont scratch and pay serious attention to what is being said otherwise you will be made to work much harder than you need to. CV and upper body is the most important thing to work on before that in my opinion. If you give it your all and want it enough there is no reason why you wont fail, despite being hard it is an enjoyable few days. will be starting RT either 29th Sept or 13th October as due to the summer leave at lympstone there is a backlog Unfortunately :(
anyway gd luck if you've got a prmc soon, hope my diary has been useful :)

Dec Archer


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Jun 18, 2008
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cheers mate good insite into wat you have to do got my prmc second september hoping for october time to if i can get in then and everything goes well wats the time limit on the assualt course ??


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Jun 17, 2008
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top top man posting a diary, i love reading them.

how do you know you came 24/25 out of about 47 i think it was though.
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