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Jun 11, 2008
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Hey guys i say i failed but its not a failure. A failure is when you drop out i never thought about it. I needed some more points to pass. I met some aswome blokes on the course and that was worth the experience and the 'extra phys'

I am only going into detail about the tests because i am tired my bodys only just getting used to 3 meals a day compared with 4.

3 Mile run

I didnt eat much before the run because i didnt want to feel the churning of food in me. We walked over to the otherside of the road from lympstone and the pti set us on a couple jogs around the car park and just loosening us up with a couple mini circuits. We was then set off as a troop to do the 12.30 run. we were all doing ok a couple guys were quite slow but all in all it was ok. We got to the pub carpark (i think it was a pub any way) and then had a minute break and any one needing a p*text deleted** could get one out. The WO2 had then sent us on our way. I was in the middle which was a pain because you cant push through the lads because there isnt no room, but soon enough every one started to open up and i got through the slower people i went flying for a few minutes and then slowed down alot. As soon as i saw "its only pain 500ms left to go" I through my legs forward as fast as i could but slowed down about 100 meters ahead. Nearing the finish line there was a lad walking i ran up to him and tried to pull him along but he couldnt so i carried on after wasting about 10 seconds and got past the finish line. I was 42 unforunatly that was a pretty poor time of 10 minutes 11 seconds it was a pass though. We all warmed down readying to go back and the ones who failed had been pulled out to be told they had failed.

Day 2

Gym Test 1

Well as soon as you get into the gym every thing changes you cant touch your self at all. i wear glasses and this meant that my glasses were hanging off my nose and everytime i moved them up i had a punishment of 20 tuc jumps. We started off with the bleep test which was ok until i bumped into one of the lads and my glasses came off. This was disaster and i grabbed them and tried to sprint back to the line unforutunatly i only got 9.9 on the bleep test

After the bleep test you go onto the push ups. i had started to do my push ups and only scored 25/35 that i did because 10 wasnt counted on account of me not touching my chest onto the blokes hand.

How ever i did do good on my sit ups. i got 60 on them which was ok. It made me feel a bit happier

my pull ups were a bit of a C*text deleted** i did 2 first of all and one of the tall lads on the pull up bars put the feet on the deck because he was like 4meters long *text deleted*. We started again 10 seconds after the PTI moaned at the bloke. i did 4 pull ups unforunatly the first 2 didnt get counted so i only had 4 points from that.

day 3


We went down to the assault course where we went through all the obstacles and such. We all got a practise on them before we did out timed lap. I started in the 3rd group of lads. I raced ahead doing the obstacles easilly. I got through the tunnels to the top of the wall with the 2nd group that went so i knew i did well. I got to the end and was happy with what i did. Later on the course i found out my time was 3 minutes 10 seconds and the record is 2 minutes 58seconds which was gutting not to beat *text deleted* next time i will do it. We all came back got a bit of a drink and then the dertermination test started.

We was told to run through the water underneath the monkey bars we all was having fun in the water as we ran through all happy . until we got out the water!! we ran back i felt the water in my boots it felt as if i were carrying weights in my boots. We did several laps around the bottom field and i found it very hard because i had a bit chunk of skin missing from my left little toe and it was painful to run on. when we got back from running we had to do more push ups and sit ups. we then did more running to the wall on the other side of bottom field. This was a killer for me i was at the back slowly running but still running. we was told to take cover and i did so as i was at the back of every one i had the furthest to go so i gritted my teeth and cracked on. I had passed around 4 people when i got the the PTI from way at the back. we was all then told to run up a big inclined hill and touch the fence and go back down. The going up part i had to grab the grass to go faster. All throughout this i was getting "COMON POTTER" and "I want to see you at the front NOW HARRY" from the corperals. *If you couldnt tel i was getting called harry potter due to me wearing glasses and having dark hair*
After this savage 'extra phys' you go back and get a shower. your still in shock from what you just did and it makes you feel happy but scared. That did mentally scare me, I will never take small thrashings for granted again if i was fitter i would have been able to push my self a little more so i can get les of a 'extra phys'.

GYM Test 2

This was soo hard because all your energys gone! The worst part is you have to double mark time every second you are at one spot so for about 1 hour you are just running on the spot or carrying something heavy. I was really hanging out at this point and thinking about dropping out but i thought wait i got this far there is no way i cant do this after doing bottom field! so i grit my teeth and cracked on again. At the end your split up into two sides and have to do sprints into the middle and back. I WAS HANGING OUT MORE THAN EVER!! i was at the back of every one and the PTI actually looked like he cared for me and told me "You can do it just speed up your tempo i know you can" It felt like the rain on a VERY hot day. After this i knew i had failed because i didnt impress them much but i know now that if i trained about 1 month more i would have passed that.

This course was the hardest thing i have ever done and the happiest i have been because your around real friends who help you even though they dont know who you are. I can say i passed the PRMC but didnt pass it to the Royal Marines standerds so i can redo it in 6 months and beat it with flying colours. I am going to get all the points i can and give 200 %. Not getting my boots wasnt a bad thing because the PTI did say "You dont want to just scrape through with a pass because you will just be the Sh*t Shield" This course is to decide who are good enough to be Royal Marines and in my oppinion the guys who drop out dont deserve to be assoiciated with the Royal Marines. I had moments when i wanted to drop out but i want to get my green beret so bad i couldnt let my self do it. For any lads who are *text deleted* do there PRMC soon just remember this "Work until you cant work because blood sweat and tears make up the green beret"

(Sh*t Shield - A recruit who takes all the crap and attention from the training team and this will shield every one else in your troop but doesnt give you a chance to make a mistake.)


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Apr 10, 2008
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Good little diary, sorry to hear about you not passing but you will crack it next time!

How long had you been training for it?
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