50th Anniversary of the abolition of the "Tot".


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Mar 22, 2009
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This Friday is the 50th anniversary of its demise. I only had it a couple of times when I was on board and my God was that stuff powerful, even diluted with water! I can remember my first time giving it big licks on the mess deck and then what was felt like an anesthetic being administered. I cannot remember the rest of the afternoon. Gone are the days of Gulpers, Sippers and Sandy Bottoms!

Many dits around how the rum bosuns used to get a secret stash of that stuff, from putting a finger in the rum fanny, (yes it was called that), each time and when you multiply that up over the ship's company it amounted to a nice cache for later. Another one was to distract the officer when the excess drawn was being ditched, so it could be secreted for later.

Happy days!