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Apr 24, 2008
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do you think i should do some short runs?

*text deleted* looked on a map of were i run the it measures out about 8 miles mayby more because of turns, 4 miles there and 4 back and there are a few hills and stuff but i was woundering wether i should do some up hill sprints there is a mountain bike track close to me and i was woundered weather it would be a good idear to add some more of a mixture to my running and do some up hill sprints?

i have a mixture of running plans: i run the 8 miles to the end of what is called the ''country park'' and back and i also run about 1.5 miles to a massive square field and run round it 3 times doing 25 prushups when i reach each corner and 5 pullups at 1 point so it will be 3 sets of pull ups on a tree *text deleted* :) im guesing it works out at around 6 miles not completle sure. so i was woundering of doing a bit of uphill sprinting its a *text deleted* good mountain bike course loads of big humps and jumps on it to put the preasure on, its were i do my bike training.