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Aug 2, 2007
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When Im doing marine style pressups I tend to do them slowly meaning I get tired alot sooner, my pressup scores arent that great however I can honestly say that I think my technique will not be marked down when Im on my PRMC although time will tell. Do you think I should stop that and just try bang them out as quick as possible keeping an eye on my technique, with time I too maybe up there in the 50+ range?

Situps I have chunky thighs not fat I must add so when I do my situps I find I cannot keep my knees together unless I touch my knees together first and have my shins sloping down at an angle. So Ive just been making sure my thighs stay together and my head shoulders and elbows touch the floor when Im down and my elbows touch the tops of my knees when Im up. Do you think this is acceptable?
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