A Muslim's Concerns


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Jan 10, 2019
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You are not required to sleep or stand to attention naked. With regards to rations there are options available for different diets, including vegetarian, kosher and halal.

I hate to disagree but we were made to stand to attention naked during foundation every morning when our corporal came in before heading off for a shower. But that was only during foundation I believe.


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Feb 9, 2016
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Thanks for all the advice, I have drawn the following:

  • My faith will be fully respected in the corps, as it is in the rest of British society
  • My faith will not be an excuse to get out of things, but it will be considered
  • Any racism is dealt with as swiftly as possible
  • I will be fully accommodated, with dietary requirements met a fully as possible

Again, thanks for the help, I will try to do my best to prepare myself for training. Not sure whether this should be another thread, but as of now (15 years old) I can do:

  • 20 Push-Ups (2 second intervals inbetween)
  • 35 Sit-Ups (No interval)
  • 5 Chin-Ups (Hanging from knees, basically a Pull-Up the other way round)
  • 2 Lengths of Frontstroke in under a minute
  • 1 Length of Breaststroke in under a minute
  • I cannot currently push myself under the water enough to retrieve a brick, except from a dive

If you would rather the above was posted in a new thread, please notify me and I will do. Thanks once again.
Good foundation to work from especially at 15. Plenty of time on your side.

Could you please explain the pull up hanging from knees?


Apr 6, 2021
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I also think that some of my concerns are unnecessary, but I feel that some older Marines may be slightly racist, after all they did operate in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would just like some guidance, and to see whether it is even worth me joining, if I am going to be treated second class, and because of some dispositions I might be refused a promotion or other opportunity. I one day dream of becoming a Royal Marine Officer, or higher, but I want to stay true to my religion as much as possible, and really don't want to violate it on a routine

Hi dude. I’ve been in for 13 years, in this time personally I have never come across a racist person in the RM. I have heard of one bloke though who was racist to my friend (who’s black). He said it’s the only time he’s ever experienced it in the corps, and the racist in question has long been outside.

I don’t believe the Corps has NO racist people serving. Law of averages say there must be 1 or 2. However, in whole the RM is very accommodating, and accepting of all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. If someone is found to be racist, they will not continue long in this brotherhood.

Good luck with your education, hopefully as you learn more about the RM, you’ll feel more comfortable. Knowledge is power and all that.