A Real James Bond, Without the Glamour


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Jan 5, 2011
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My Mum recently let me know that a former intelligence officer would be speaking at her WI and that I would be able to attend as a guest, but through fear of being mobbed by the older women (a common problem of mine) I politely rejected.

What a mistake! I have just been looking over her notes from the lecture, and this man really did have an incredible career. After spending a number of years in the British Army as part of post-war national service, he was persuaded to join MI6 mostly for his multilingual skill. He also noted he was a bit of a loner and felt this also made him suitable for such a role.

Anyway, he begun training as an intelligence operative, gaining skills in bomb making, advanced driving, flying, unarmed combat, languages, trailing subjects, collecting intelligence, parachuting, etc, and spent most of his career in the Middle East.

His wife eventually left him since she could never know where he was going or for how long, and he didn't have women sprawled over him like our favourite fictional MI6 Operative, but nevertheless he enjoyed his entire career.

Moral of the story: if your Mum invites you to a Women's Institute to hear some old codger talk about his career in intelligence, don't let the opportunity pass.


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Feb 25, 2012
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haha! Sounds awesome, love nothing more than sitting and listening to some old soldiers spinning dits. You missed out there mate!