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Apr 22, 2008
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Ladsof 971 troop. My name is James Ward and I'm part of 970 troop in foundation right at this moment. u may hear alot of rumours bout foundation, about how hard it is or how *text deleted**text deleted* it is. yes, it is quite *text deleted**text deleted* and yes some parts are hard,but its all do-able.the first week is just very basic admin stuff, how to wash and shave and stuff like that. you'll probably get *text deleted* kit issued on wednesday and start wearing it on friday.the best advice is this

1; Do as your told. listen to detail and dont do the wrong thing *text deleted*.

2; Don't be late! to anything or you'll pay at night for it.

3; Take the right kit to were you're told.

4; Don't mess about when your fell in anywere, in the gym or near a PTI, in lectures or in the galley.

5; Put in 150%. you're training team will notice who's loathing and who's trying their hardest.

6; Get to know your troop. make freinds. You have to bond and work as a team or things will get very hard. If you finish your kit 1st then help your oppo's with theirs.

7; Eat as much as possible. You might not believe me but you get very hungry, very quickly here.

8; Believe you can do it. don't worry if you get homesick. i miss my girlfriend all the time. i wanted to leave when i arrived *text deleted* i missed her so much. you'll get used to it.

9; Take 1 day at a time.don't worry bout whats going to happen tomorrow or next week or what if this or that happens. you wont survive long if you think like that.

10; WORK HARD AND HAVE FUN!!! you're here to train to be part of the best fighting force in britain and the world, put 150% effort into everything. even if you *text deleted**text deleted* up, aslong as you put loads of effort in the you'll be praised. when you get free time, have a laugh and jolly with your new mates.

Don't leave *text deleted* its to hard. Its not to hard. your just being pushed to your limit get there you need to put in loads of effort. there were 53 when we started on 30th june and theres 52 of us now. you want to be Commando's, give the training a few weeks of your life to get you there.

Good Luck 971 might catch me in the galley sometime.


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Nov 6, 2007
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nice one mate some good points there. dont seem to be to many of us on this one on here :)


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Apr 18, 2008
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Cheers James. Appriciate you taking the time to write that mate.

Good to hear you're going strong, as well as the rest of the troop. One dropping out from 53 isn't too bad at this stage I wouldn't have thought, always imagined a few more than that would want, and try, to wrap very early on....even though they demand 4 weeks.

Sounds good advice as well, everybody will need to keep reminding themselves why they're doing it. And no matter how hard what they are doing is, it will end. I'm fully prepared for that! *text deleted*

All the best fella.


Jun 15, 2008
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Alrite James,

Cheers for going out your way to drop a comment ...

Hows training goin then?

Foundation must be stupidly *text deleted**text deleted*, but suppose you need to get into the general rountine.

Cheers Mate for the advice, wil come in handy when i hopefully Pass PRMC and go on to RT

Also goodluck 0.01%, saw that your RT starts tomorrow ...

All the best lads