Aiming for January ROP/RT


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Oct 2, 2019
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Hi all, over the last 6 months I have been training and studying like a mad man. Being too eager I unfortunately injured myself from over training and was unable to do any phys for 3 weeks. Because of this my stats are currently:

3 miler 23:50

Press ups 30

Sit ups 45

Pull ups are the bane of my life I can do barely 2 overhand. Chin ups I hit 12.

Swimming is more difficult due to covid but I'm strong at swimming anyway.

Haven't done Bleep test.

My eye test is on the 10th August. Then it's just medical face to face and vpjft. Already got my security clearance.

By November December time, I want to be prepared for ROP and RT as ideally aiming to start early January. If I follow what I am currently doing am I going to improve my stats in accordance with requirements or do I need to change it up. Please see below :

6km - 30 minutes (Monday)
Rest - Tuesday
800m (5 mins) then 2km in sub 9 minutes
Then 30/45 minutes HIIT training - Wednesday
Thursday - Bleep test or endurance run
Friday - 3 miler best effort then 30 minute HIIT
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 30 Minute HIIT or Mock Vpjft

I practice pull ups via resistance band, I will incorporate a weighted vest for bodyweight excersizes and look at extending the length of endurance runs close to ROP.

Any advice will be appreciated.