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Oct 16, 2017
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Hi all.

As all know? Been pursing to join the RMR for some time now, so thought I’d give an update:

I.) Was TMU’d on my medical due to a skin infection and weight both now slowly under control, and should reach my weight target within 3 weeks or so. Took me a while after my car accident to get back into the game of fitness but there now.

Got a gum infection I’m also clearing up with a dose of antibiotics (lads? Don’t underestimate the importance of dental treatment/ check ups. I have an abscess and can’t see a dentist till Wednesday ; so if any tinge or tooth pain? Get it sorted before problems surface, or you’ll end up like me in agony and on antibiotics; as well as Co-codamol for the pain, due to my stupidity of underestimating dentitry care) so going to get rid of that, have the dentist sort out the source of the infection (doctor thinks they’ll have to yank a chopper) and then hopefully? I’m finally good to go!!

My run Time has come on nicely, with an average 21 mintue 3 mile, which I’m pleased about. Also keeping a diary (as I’ve a flat foot) to demonstrate I can run substantial distance without pain

So my bit of advice? It’s a long journey to become a Royal Marines Reservist but, keep at it, lads. I’ve had a lot of stuff thrown at me but have found a way. If you’ve got commitment and a desire to be a Royal Marines Commando? You’ll do it. Think of the joining process as the first step in becoming a Royal Marine. And show commitment at each stage. Keep in contact with your AFCO ALWAYS, lads. Remember? You want to be a Royal Marines Commando. If you lose faith at this stage? Question you commitment to the R.M. Also? A few of my mates have been seduced by 4 Para etc. and have gone over to the dark side. Again, don’t be tempted. If you’ve made your mind up to be a Royal Marine ? Stick it? Don’t flit about with other branches ; as you should’ve done this before you applied. The path is long but, no doubt in my mind I will earn my green lid and I will achieve a lifelong ambition of finally being a Royal Marines Commando.

Best wishes:
The Creatrue of the Night
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