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Jul 10, 2007
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OK, gather round, listen-in...

"I'm talking, you're listening."

As suggested by GreyWing, having watched some threads drift off into the quagmire of antagonistic argument, we are shortly going to give the option of self regulation by the initial posters of individual threads.

The idea is that once you have the answer to the question posed, the initial "thread starter" can lock the thread.

The idea is to give concise advice regarding the question raised- this should help site visitors get the answer they want without having to trawl through the pages of personal insults, the establishment of who has the bigger nose, what motorbike the poster wants to buy, and why their little brother will get a severe duffing after Recruit Training, etc.

Hopefully this will help new joiners & "cut the crap" on supposedly informative posts which may benefit others and gives ownership & responsibility to the thread starter. Think carefully about thread titles as the search function needs to find pertinent topics.

Again - please use the caution triangle on the left under the username to alert us anonymously of dodgy posts outside of the jollies bar (or within the Jollies Bar if it's something distasteful).
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