Any advice?


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Mar 27, 2017
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Any idea of what the situation is?

I was ment to have my pjft 6 weeks ago but I’ve had shin splints(self diagnosis) and I was given by my afco 4 weeks last week to decide what I’m doing in regards to the 2nd attempt or my application is getting terminated but I’ve rushed back into trying to make sure im ready to which was a bad idea knowing well myself I wasn’t ready but it was a hard postion to be put in when your age and motivation gets tested and how will you cope with recruit training if your getting injured now.
When I used the treadmill this week the run was fine but straight after my foot completely gave in uptowards my calf like sharp pains and swelling and bruising has appeared since last night on my foot.

I just got back from A & E as I knew something was up had x ray and stuff and was told the tendon that runs from the calf to the foot has been badly pulled and there is a chance I have a stress fracture in my foot but not easy to tell *text deleted* due to the swelling so was told to come back in 10 days if the swelling is still showing.

I’m pretty sure the shin and foot issue are both related to running again to soon.

I’m not quite sure what will happen now in regards to a medical/pjft and stuff any idea @Ninja_Stoker
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