Anyone here been to Auschwitz?


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Jul 16, 2008
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the hill climbing thread about the guy who went to austria got me thinking about this again. i would love to have went there and visited the eagles nest.

I went to Auschwitz last year. Probably the most amazing experience i've had. We drove there in the afternoon and it was really foggy, couldn't see *text deleted**text deleted*, so that just added to the atmosphere.

Seeing some of the iconic images such as the train tracks in real life really blew me away. I was standing in the main entrance tower overlooking the entire camp and could just think of what it must have been like 60 years ago.

As we walked through the camp there was not a single area that wasn't fascinating, from the Nazi officers room, a stockpile of shoes, glasses, and hair from the dead jews which was removed from them, walls were they were lined up and executed, with the bullet holes still in the walls, and of course the infamous "Arbeit macht frei" sign.

The most depressing part was actually standing in the gas chambers. You could see the shower heads where the gas came out, the room was massive and pitch black, and you could see carvings on the walls. And in another room was a furnace where they cremated the dead bodies.
I couldn't believe I was standing in the same room where thousands lost their lives.

No idea why i'm even writing this at 12:22am *text deleted*, just kind of rambled on a bit. Makes you proud of our troops in WW2 and now though, to think of all they sacrificed to save not only these people but the entire world. I think next trip on my list will be Normandy, i'd like to visit the graveyard and see the beaches.

Poland and Krakow is a Beautiful place as well. And the girls, well there wasn't a single girl I walked past who wasn't at least a 8/10. Seriously, compared to the skanks here in Britain the chicks in Poland are gorgeous.

I'd definetly recommend visiting if you're planning on going abroad this summer, nice change from the usual Benidorm pish *text deleted*.


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Jan 16, 2008
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damn mate... i really want to go, i also want to go to eagles nest, maybe ill go next year!

nice read mate cheers