Application deferred for a second time


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Mar 17, 2021
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I've been trying to join the royal marines as a commonwealth recruit (without residency requirement) since I registered my interest in August of 2019.

I got an invitation to apply in March of 2020 but after submitting ny application, the pandemic hit the world real bad and no progress was made with my application. I tried to contact my recruiter multiple times but the call would never go through and I would not get a response from any emails I've sent. So eventually the system automatically defered my application sometime in October and said I was only eligible to apply after April 9th. So of course I applied again last Friday and I got a new message yesterday saying I was defered yet again due to no vacancies for CW applicants and I can only apply again in October.

I was wondering whether this means that there is a list of applicants waiting in a queue to be selected and that they'll let me know whether a spot opens up or do I just get pushed to the back of this queue everytime I submit another application?