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Application Guidance Notes - read first!

Discussion in 'Stickies/Frequently Asked Questions' started by Ninja_Stoker, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    Her Majesty?s Naval Service Application Form Guidance Notes

    (AFCO Form 5 (RN) Aug 09)


    ? This guide contains essential information about joining the Naval Service.

    ? Please read it fully in conjunction with the brochures that you have been given and any media you have seen showing the areas of the Naval Service in which you are interested.

    ? The guidance notes are designed to help you fill in the application form and are based on the appropriate service rules and regulations.


    If you have any questions about the guidance notes or the application form please ask your Careers Adviser (CA) in your local Armed Forces Careers Office. Extensive information is also available on the Royal Navy and Royal Marines websites at www.royalnavy.mod.uk/prmc


    ? All applications are subject to Ministry of Defence approval. The Naval Service cannot guarantee that your application to serve will be accepted and can refuse an application without giving any reason.

    ? You may cancel the application process at any time up to entry.

    ? Please do not give notice or terminate your current job until you have been given a written offer of entry. The type of employment and your date of entry will be given at this time.

    ? Applicants must bear in mind that by joining the Armed Forces it may lead to you serving in an armed conflict in any part of the world with the associated risks and responsibilities involved.

    ? You may also have to take life in the act of protecting life.

    ? The Armed Forces respect the value of every individual?s unique contribution, irrespective of his/her gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious beliefs and without reference to social background or sexual orientation.

    ? In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Ministry of Defence will collect, use, protect and retain the information on the application form in connection with all matters relating to our personnel administration and policies.

    Before filling in the application form you should understand the Standards and Behaviour
    that will be expected of you during service with the Armed Forces.


    In joining the Naval Service, you will be entering a disciplined organisation that has different requirements from civilian life. There will be times when the requirements of the Service take priority over personal needs; for example, you will be liable for duty at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. In addition, you may be required to serve in any part of the world.


    Behaviour that does not amount to a crime as a civilian can be a disciplinary matter in the Naval Service and will carry appropriate penalties. For instance, you can be disciplined for disobeying an order, being untidily dressed, being late for work or taking unauthorised absence from your place of duty.


    Dishonesty of any kind is unacceptable and can damage morale and trust.


    Drunkenness is an offence under the Service Discipline Act and is taken very seriously by the Royal Navy. Those who persistently offend may be administratively discharged.

    Standards of Behaviour

    In the Service environment where men and women may live in close proximity, particularly high standards of behaviour are demanded. Where restrictions are placed on sexual activity, any breach may lead to administrative or disciplinary action.


    Ill-treatment and bullying are unacceptable. Disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

    Sexual and Racial Discrimination

    Any form of sexual or racial harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken against offenders. The Royal Navy respect the value of every individual?s unique contribution, irrespective of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious belief and without reference to social background or sexual orientation. Your application will be rejected if you are (or have been) a member or supporter of ? or associated with ? any group or organisation whose purpose includes provocation to racial hatred and violence.

    Equality and Diversity

    The Armed Forces diversity policy is to treat all personnel fairly, irrespective of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious belief and without reference to social background or sexual orientation. The policy goes further than mere elimination of unlawful discrimination. It recognises and values individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring fresh ideas, perceptions, skills and attributes. This enables the Armed Forces to recruit from the widest possible base, helping us to achieve and sustain our manning needs, and to maintain operational capability.


    If for any reason, you anticipate that it will be difficult for you to meet the required standards; you should consult your local Armed Forces Careers Office who will be able to advise you on whether a service career is the right choice for you.



    Name/Family Name

    ? If the name that you use is different from the name on your birth certificate, then the official supporting documents (deed poll etc), showing the change of name, will need to be given to your CA before you can proceed to the entry stage.

    ? If there are any changes to your name during the application period, please inform your CA as soon as possible.

    Different age limits apply.
    Please ask your CA for details.

    Service of Interest and Aspirations

    ? The majority of careers, jobs, trades or branches within the Naval Service are open to both males and females. However, the following are NOT open to females, although females from other branches may be attached to such units.

    ? Royal Marine Commando

    ? Your CA will discuss your choice of job or career with you in detail as part of the application process, including the options of financial support in the Sixth Form, Further and Higher education. Don?t worry if at this stage, you are unable to complete these questions fully. You do not have to choose a specific career, job, trade or branch until much further on in the application process.

    Nationality and Residency

    For entry into the Naval Service, you must meet the following requirements:

    ? You must be a British, Commonwealth, British Protected Citizen or an Irish National OR hold Dual nationality with one of the fore-mentioned.

    ? You must normally have resided in the UK* or Ireland for a period of 5 years immediately prior to making an application. If you have not achieved this, do not worry as it will depend on where you have lived and the length of time out of the country. Your CA will be able to advise you on the detail but it may affect the career or job you are applying for.

    *The United Kingdom (UK) includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and for these purposes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.


    Medical Criteria

    Initial Medical and Physical Criteria

    ? The Naval Service requires anyone who enters to be medically fit to serve worldwide.

    ? New entrants to the Armed Forces undergo intensive training, which is both physically and mentally demanding. The Armed Forces medical authorities have to be aware of your medical history and of any conditions that may affect your performance as a serviceman or servicewoman. Applicants who do not meet the required medical standards may be rejected.

    ? Your medical history is confidential and will not be given to anyone not authorised to hold this information.

    The initial medical examination

    ? Your examination will take place locally and be arranged by your AFCO. Further medical examinations for some branches may be conducted later in the selection process and your CA will be able to offer advice regarding this requirement.

    Basic medical requirements:

    Medical conditions that preclude entry:

    ? The conditions listed in the Medical Standards for Entry may make a person permanently unsuitable, except where specifically time limited, for entry into the Naval Service.

    ? Note: This table is for general guidance only. Many conditions that are compatible with civilian employment and sport may be considered incompatible with military service. If you have a recurrent medical condition that is not mentioned below, or if you are unclear about the impact of your medical history, you should seek further advice from your CA.

    ? Please note that Careers Advisers and their office staff are not medically qualified and that all final decisions regarding medical suitability for entry are only made by appropriately appointed medical staff.

    Temporary conditions

    The following conditions require the selection procedure and/or entry to be temporarily put on hold until you are fully recovered, discharged from hospital follow-up, and fit to undergo arduous training:

    ? Pregnancy
    ? Waiting list for an operation
    ? Temporary illness or injury

    At the discretion of Service medical authorities, your application may be rejected, due to other medical reasons.

    Height and Weight

    ? Royal Navy and Royal Marines: The minimum height is 151.5cm. The minimum weight requirement for Royal Marines is 60kg.

    Eye Sight

    The minimum standards for both uncorrected and corrected vision are determined by service medical staff and are dependent on the proposed employment and branch/trade group. Spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than -7 dioptres or +8 dioptres in any meridian.

    Impaired colour perception (colour blindness) is not a bar to service, but may limit your career choices. You will need to have a copy with you of any acuity prescription from your optician when you go for your medical examination.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

    If you have civilian or military offences against your name, whether Spent or Unspent, then please read the accompanying form MOD Form 493 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 before you answer any questions on the subject. This explains whether you have to give the details of any convictions. You may be prevented from entering or re-entering the Armed Forces if you have committed certain offences or have undergone certain types of sentence.

    Additionally having an 'unspent' conviction does not necessarily mean that you will be unable to join the Armed Forces. Your CA will be able to help to clarify your particular situation.

    For all branches of the Service you will have to undergo a Security Check (SC). You will have to declare any Spent convictions for these checks.

    You are required to complete the certificate on the MOD Form 493 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and, if applicable, you should provide the following information:

    ? Offence or allegation (including date and place)
    ? Name of court and date of hearing
    ? Final or interim result or sentence/fine

    At all times during the application process you are requested to keep the CA informed of any changes to your circumstances as regards offences, including if you are awaiting a court appearance for a criminal offence, or in any capacity (including jury service) other than as a witness, until the outcome of the hearing is known. This may cause a delay to the application process.

    Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000

    ? Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Check

    There is a statutory requirement for applicants who seek to join certain branches or specialisations (those that work with children or vulnerable adults) to undergo suitability checks by the Criminal Records Bureau. These checks include the disclosure of your criminal record. If appropriate, a Suitability Certificate will be issued. Your AFCA will advise you when and how this certificate is to be obtained.

    Social History


    Tattoos that are offensive, obscene or excessive in size or number will be a bar to entry or re-entry. Tattoos that are visible on the head, neck and hand when in parade uniform are a bar to entry. If you have any you will be asked to complete a form describing your tattoos. They will be seen during your medical examination.

    Body piercing

    For health and safety reasons, you will be asked to remove certain items of body piercing jewellery before undergoing physical activity as part of the application and selection process. You will not be allowed to attempt the physical activities if you do not remove the body piercing jewellery when requested. Once you have joined the Armed Forces, you will be advised by Service authorities of the rules for wearing body jewellery when on and off duty.

    Drug and Substance Misuse

    The short, medium and long-term effects of the misuse of either illegal drugs or substances or legally obtained drugs or substances can have a damaging impact on mental and physical fitness and health.

    Drug or Substance misuse constitutes a direct threat to the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces; the security and safety of Service personnel; and, potentially, the security and safety of the civilians whom they protect.

    Illegal misuse of drugs or substances by Service personnel also damages the reputation and standing of the Service. For all of these reasons, the misuse of drugs or substances is not tolerated within the Naval Service.

    The Naval Service recognise, however, that drug or substance misuse is increasingly common in civilian life, particularly among the young, and that you may have misused drugs or substances yourself in the past. This will not necessarily prevent you from joining, as all applications are considered individually.

    Acceptance into the Services will depend on the frequency of use and the class and type of drug or substance that has been misused. Criminal convictions for trafficking or supply of any class of drug or substance will bar entry.

    Once you have joined the Naval Service, you are required to stay clear of drugs or substances at all times and also to avoid association with drug or substance misuse and suppliers. Once you have been enlisted, you will be liable by law to random compulsory drug testing throughout your Service career. If these tests show that you have misused drugs or substances, it is Armed Forces policy that, with very few exceptions, you will be discharged
    Financial commitments

    Debt and Bankruptcy

    You may be ineligible to join the Armed Forces if you have financial commitments, debts or loans that you would have difficulty in repaying or lead to financial hardship if you entered the services. Look carefully at the appropriate rates of pay so that you are able to work out your particular situation. The CA will ask you about this and will help you work through any queries.

    A person who is declared bankrupt (and as a result does not have a working bank account) or is insolvent may be ineligible to join the Armed Forces. Your CA will be able to assess your situation.

    Care Order

    If you are currently under a Care Order then we will have to seek permission of the local authority for you to join the Naval Service.


    The Naval Service (including the Reserve Forces) often require you to serve away from home for extended periods. The Service you are applying for needs to be sure that your domestic arrangements will not prevent you from doing this.

    If you are married, or have children or family members who are dependent on you for money or help or both, then certain conditions of service apply. The CA will provide you with the appropriate information.

    Religion or Belief

    The Naval Service encourage enlistment by people of many differing religions and beliefs. However, it must be clear that you may be required to use aggression and/or to take life during your career as part of the Armed Forces. There are also certain rules and regulations that state what type of clothing or dress is compatible or not with operations and for your health and safety. Other considerations may be the handling of certain types of food (as a chef) or the receiving of certain types of medical treatment.


    Educational Achievements

    The Armed Forces collect details of your education aspirations, achievements and other qualifications so that:

    ? We are able to advise on the most suitable job or career stream open to you.

    ? To assist in your future personal development.

    It is therefore essential that you give as much detail as possible including that, which might not be relevant to your initial job aspiration as that might change.

    Please take any original certificates or diplomas with you when you take the completed Application Form to your CA. If you are unable to produce the original education certificates then evidence from the relevant educational establishment will be required.

    We require to know of any service you may have had for the following reasons:

    ? UK details, including any university unit and Adult Cadet Instructor - to avoid duplication of service numbers.

    ? Overseas service - to ensure that you do not have any outstanding commitments to serve in that particular country.


    Please read carefully the appropriate Single Service requirements.

    Please nominate TWO referees. The first referee should be:

    ? Either your head teacher or tutor (if you are currently in full-time education or within 12 months of having left that school, college or university);

    ? A previous employer (or most recent employer if you are not currently employed). Note: we will not ask you for a reference from your current employer unless you are happy for us to do so.
    The second referee should be a personal referee. They must have known you for at least 12 months and have had contact with you within the last six months.

    They must have some standing in the community such as a doctor, magistrate, teacher, Member of Parliament, priest, and civil servant. They must not be related to you, nor had a close personal relationship or any financial arrangement with you. You may have, as an additional referee, the Officer Commanding (if you are a serving member of the Reserve Forces) or the County Cadet Commandant (if serving in a Cadet unit).


    National Security

    In the interests of national security, safeguarding parliamentary democracy and maintaining the proper security of the Government?s essential activities, it is the policy of HM Government that no one should be employed in the Armed Forces who is, or has been, involved in or associated with any of the following activities:

    ? espionage;
    ? terrorism;
    ? sabotage; or
    ? actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means;

    or is, or has recently been:
    ? a member of any organisation that has advocated such activities;

    ? associated with any such organisation (or any of its members) in such a way as to raise reasonable doubts about his or her reliability;

    ? susceptible to pressure or improper influence, for example because of current or past conduct;

    ? guilty of dishonesty or lack of integrity that throws doubt on their reliability; or

    ? shown to demonstrate behaviour or is subject to circumstances that may otherwise indicate unreliability.

    MOD Form 1109 ? Security Check (SC)/Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC) questionnaire

    You should be aware that during the recruiting and selection process, all applicants for the Royal Navy will be asked to complete a security questionnaire, the MOD Form 1109.

    It is government policy that, for the Naval Service a Security Check and/or a Counter-Terrorist Check is carried out on applicants to confirm their identity, suitability and trustworthiness.
  3. Clayton

    Clayton New Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    With regards to the section pertaining to referees, I am 25 years old and am from south africa, I have been living here for 4 years now, but do not know or have contact with any doctors (I am registered with NHS and have a docter but have only needed to seem him once which was about a year ago), magistrates, teachers, Members of Parliament, priests (I'm athiest), and civil servants. The only thing I can think of is that my landlord works for the council, could I use him as a referee? or will I not be able to apply until I know and have contact with one of the above for 12 months? any info regarding this would be much appr, sorry to ramble on it's just I'd be crushed if I have to waite 12 months before I can even apply. *text deleted**text deleted** in advance
  4. Mattbrad

    Mattbrad New Member

    May 5, 2010
    Hi Ninja, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have passed my RT (03/03/10), medical (22/03/10), PJFT (04/04/10), interview (14/04/10), RM Aquant Day at HMS Flying Fox (06/05/10). I recieved a letter confirming I was eligable for a commission on 10 May, but on the same day I recieved a phone call from AIB staff saying that due to the time I have spent travelling/working abroad, I would need to account for the time spent abroad (where, when, what doing etc). As a result they have requested that I have a police check done for the countries I visited and they are checking my references as to where I stayed or worked. So I am currently trying to find out how to get a police check done in Australia (as it usually requires you to go to a police station with photo ID) and in the mean time my application is on hold, with time running out for POCs and AIBs. A 2010 entry is looking increasingly unlikely. Do you have any advice to offer? Anything is much appreciated.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    To be honest the problem with living overseas does cause issues with regard obtaining residency waivers retrospectively, particularly if away from UK for periods in excess of 6 months.

    Of course, in hindsight it's always worth checking the rules first, but that is of no use after the event, it's appreciated.

    Possibly it's worth writing to the Oz Embassy in UK to see if they can help.

    Best of luck.
  6. Obsidian

    Obsidian New Member

    Jun 2, 2011
    HI ninja i was just wondering about living abroad by the time i will be back in the UK to try join the RM i will have been living in Cyprus for 10 years is this going to cause me a big problem or even not let me able to join the RM altogether? thanks
  7. marines = real men

    marines = real men New Member

    Jun 12, 2011
    hi ninja wondering if you could help me i am signing up in august and people have bin saying that the waiting time is quite long so could you tell me how long it would be before the ball got rolling, thanks
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    If you're fit & good to go from the outset, it's possible to be in RT within 12 - 14months from sitting the recruiting test.
  9. marines = real men

    marines = real men New Member

    Jun 12, 2011
    thanks for the quick reply and the info hopefully be in training next autumn then cant wait
  10. Obsidian

    Obsidian New Member

    Jun 2, 2011
    so no one knows the answer to ym question?
  11. Jazza1991

    Jazza1991 New Member

    Jun 13, 2011
    Maybe one for ninja

    Hi ....Wondering if anyone can help i am wanting to reapply for the marines but cannot locate my discharge papers from when i left recruit training 2 years ago due to family issues. How can i retrieve these documents so i can reapply as i want to get the process started ASAP. Many Thanks

    Ninja edit: First post refers with regard lost documents: no-longer-validshowthread.php?t=155[/url]
  12. ajwright1

    ajwright1 New Member

    Aug 3, 2011
    Ninja Stoker ? advice please

    I was directed to this site from Once a Marine.....and would appreciate any comments.

    A young friend (23) left the RN this year after two years as a Chef, taking early release. He has since worked at Bickleigh and has been impressed by the Royal Marines camaraderie , and has impressed the RM SNCOs he worked for.

    Extremely fit, he is now very keen to join the Corps and gain a Green Beret but???.

    RM recruiters have told him that a civil public order charge (drunkeness) in April for which he was fined, will disqualify him from joining the RM for up to 5 years! With good behavior he can apply again in 2 ? !

    He is extremely disappointed.

    In the meantime the Army are very interested in having him and have pointed him towards the Paras and possibily 29 Cdo Lt Regt RA.

    I?d be grateful if any of the experts on this site could throw some light on this, as I?m sure the Corps would lose out.

    Report to Mod - Link to Post - Back to
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    Hello Alan, welcome to the site.

    The RM Recruiters are indeed correct assuming he went to court or the fine(s) were handed down by a court. There is no appeal against the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act & a waiver nowadays, whilst the number of applicants exceeds the number of training places at CTC, is increasingly less common.. Believe it or not "in service" fines for being adrift (lateness), D&D, etc., whilst serving, still carry a full 5 year rehab period & catch a few guys out when they wish to re-join.

    If the fines were the standard ?80 spot fines, issued by the civil police, without a summons or court appearance, then as long as they are paid he is eligible to apply under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. subject to confirmation by his local AFCO. .

    Bear in mind also, a person leaving under "early release" or indeed under standard notice to quit, will still need to be recommended further service upon discharge.
  14. louisk

    louisk New Member

    Mar 8, 2012
    Hey guys,
    Was just wondering if you guys had any advice,
    I've been interested in joining the Royal Marines for a while now (at least a year) and I recently decided to phone up and try to get an interview. Half way through the phone call, half way through giving my details it turns out my details are already in the system as I enquired about the Armed Forces a couple of years ago (Royal Engineers I think it was). It turns out they couldn't touch my details because they were locked for this reason! So the gentlemen on the phone gave me the number of the Aberdeen Armed Forces Careers Office which is the closest one to my current location. When I called them up they said that they would give my a call the next day because they needed "the boss" in to deal with it. I said okay I waited for a phone call the next day and it never came! Basically I was just wondering what the next step would be, do I call them back?
  15. Poley123

    Poley123 New Member

    Jan 10, 2012
    i dont have any education documents as of now. if i enlist when I'm 15 and 9 i dont get my GED or Reffres until I'm 16. so what should i do? I want to sign up as early as possible. But I'm just wondering if that would be okay if i could possibly hand them in to you later.
  16. dbar8886

    dbar8886 Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    Can you clear this up for me Ninja?

    Living in the USA prior to application- will this cause any problems? Is there by the time i get my application in i would have been here for around 16 months. And then i will have to return to the USA again while waiting for tests and the medical etc. will i need any paperwork? I had to sort a mountain of security paperwork to get the USA visa so i have police certificates etc.Any advise for me?
  17. chris7033

    chris7033 New Member

    Apr 21, 2012
    i also have this issue though i will not be returning and have been back in the uk for 9 months now
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
    For those with full British nationality, now over 18, living overseas for more than 12 months continuously in the last 5 years will need to be granted a residency waiver. Not a major issue if resident in a country that has a reciprocal agreement with regard the exchange of security information. In any event, a recent print out from the local police indicating nil convictions can speed the process.
  19. user 123

    user 123 New Member

    Dec 2, 2011
    Hi Ninja,

    I am South African and will be applying from South Africa. 27 at the moment so i havent been in school for a number of years. With regards to the 2 x Referee letters I need. I am not sure if a previous teacher's letter will do, also most of them have moved to another town so I dont really have contact with them. Dont know many guys in the public sector ie Police or Judges. . . . Would it be ok if I get a letter from a person I have know for about 18+ who is in top management in a big local company? My previous company for whom I worked for also closed a couple of years ago so I am not sure from who else I can get a letter. I know alot of people who is willing to give me letters but I am just not sure if they will be acceptable.

    Any guidance please?
  20. JakeEvans

    JakeEvans New Member

    Feb 20, 2013
    Hello, I'm probably considerably younger and alot more unexperienced than you guys but please can someone clear this up for me...
    Can i apply and complete RM tests whilst still at College, i am planning on applying for Welbeck?