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Jun 9, 2008
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I am currently in my first year of university on an army scholarship programme. It involved taking my RCB (now AOSB) at sixteen, going to Welbeck College and then to university. After university I am committed to go to Sandhurst and do three years service in a technical corp. However, since then I have been looking at other options and in particular the Royal Marines as I have decided a career in combat support is not exciting enough.
I was wondering what I would need to do to apply for the marines, would I need to leave the scheme and then apply to attend interviews, POC and AIB, or is it possible to do it whilst still on the scheme incase it doesn't work out? Would dropping off an army scheme and out of university to pursue a career in something i really want to do hinder my application?




Jul 10, 2007
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In the temporary absence of RMRO, a few things to consider in the meantime: You are entirely entitled to apply for the Royal Marines and undergo all selection elements including POC & AIB before opting to join the Royal Marines. HOWEVER, you need to seriously look into what return of service & financial penalties you will face from the Army if you elect to leave the Army scholarship programme BEFORE you elect to undergo Royal Marines selection - quite simply, sponsorship does not transfer across, far from it.

As you have passed the Army Officer Selection Board, entered into a contract & been awarded sponsorship, undoubtedly you will need to convince the Royal Marines that you won't waste more money by later deciding to undergo RAF selection, or re-apply to the Army, IF you pass RM selection.

The advice, if you do not wish to join the Army, is to let them know sooner rather than later as the financial return of service repercussions will undoubtedly increase the longer they sponsor you.

Good luck.