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Mar 26, 2008
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Hi guys

Have had a few PM's so thought i would post the sprinting program here i ahave been following,

Now i following this prgram on tuesday and thursdays. and i have one slow long run a week. and maybe 1 other short slow run a week.

this comes from

they have a really good and positive fitness forum there if you guys want/need any advice. By the way they are a BODYWEIGHT only website

Here is the article by John e Peterson

The Best of Both Worlds

As almost every member of the Transformetrics Forum knows, Interval Training has become “all the rage” in fitness during the last two years, while the standard aerobic exercise protocols that were introduced by Dr. Kenneth Cooper almost 40 years ago have been marginalized as ineffective and literally the exact opposite of what one should be doing for maximized health and fitness.

So where is the truth? On one end of the spectrum we have ultra marathoner Stu Mittleman, who wrote his excellent book Slow Burn in 2000 and advocates long, slow distance runs while wearing a heart monitor as the best solution for increased cardiovascular health and vitality while maximizing fat loss.

At the other end of the spectrum we have Dr. Al Sears, who all but abhors long, slow distance runs and is a strong proponent of Interval Training as the ultimate method for increased cardiovascular fitness while maximizing fat loss.

So who is right? Here’s my take.

I respect both men immensely. Both offer good insight backed by research that would seem to validate their respective viewpoints almost exclusively. But after carefully reading and applying the best of both methods, I have come up with the following program that works best for me:

Generally I run four to six days per week. On one day I run three miles over very hilly terrain and on the next about four miles on flat terrain.

The third day is taken up with intervals. Each interval session I run on a track, preceded by stretching and a 440-yard warm-up run and concluded for warm-down purposed with the same.

The Interval Training is a progressive workout of four separate programs as follows:

Program I. Once a week for a month I will do

-- 12 100-yard dashes.

-- 12 60-yard dashes.

-- 12 40-yard dashes.

I take a 90-second break between every four 100s and every four 60s, and a 60-second breather between every four 40-yard dashes.

Program II. Once a week for the next month I will do eight 220-yard dashes, alternately running one and walking one.

Program III. The third month I progress to five 330-yard dashes once a week, running one and then walking the 110 yards back to the starting point before running the next one.

Program *text deleted*. The final month I devote tofour-440s once a week, alternately running one and walking one.

I then start the cycle of intervals all over again with the 12-100s, 12-60s, and 12-40s.

On days four, five, and sometimes six, I will run three to five miles, often incorporating a series of long, steep stairways at Minnehaha Falls, a local state park.

This program works great for me and I feel as though I have covered all the bases by following it.

Some of you may wish to give it a try. – J.P.

Copyright 2007, John E. Peterson

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