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lukey boy 91

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Jul 8, 2008
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ello lads

well ive jus had my interview for the second time and passed. Ive got my medical on my birthday which is the 29th of this month, after the medical i dont do a pjft no more more i do something called the awareness test i think it was called, well somethign like that anyway. Its held in merseyside at the royal marine reserves centre and its like a mini prmc but all in one day. Its on the 14th of october if i pass my medical and it includes the 3 mile run and the press-ups pull-ups and sit-up test, has anybody did this or no what you haved to achieve, what i mean is do you haved to get full marks on everything or is it like the prmc were you just have to get the right amount of scores? because i still cant do 60 press ups i only do 30 but hopefull i would be able to improve them to about 35 hopefully, i can do 8 marine pull-ups and 80 sit-ups so im safe on them.

please reply if you no what the script is on this test

all the best....luke