Back on the bandwagon


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Sep 4, 2008
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So I've came back..
Left the site for about 2 years as I didn't end up furthering my application but I'm thinking about it again, a few things have changed:
I'm 2 years older, that would make me about 19 I guess
My fitness is *text deleted**text deleted* now, but it's picking up, been running and training for a month or so
I'm heading off to Newcastle University in September, which would mean that I'm seriously considering POC at the end of the 3 years.

I had a chat with the army careers office the other day, he just said that if i were to go down the officer route, I should get some serious stuff done for my CV, charity work and all that, maybe join the OTC, is anyone doing OTC by the way? Any good?

Anyway just thought Id check back in with a long winded boring message.


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Dec 11, 2011
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Welcome back and good luck with fitness and uni!

My cousin's at Newcastle uni and knows a lad who wants to go Paras afterwords... in his own words "Train hard, play hard. But when you mistake vodka for water after a morning run you know it's time to calm it down... and label things in the fridge!"