Back Pain during Core exercises


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Mar 14, 2018
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Had to stop doing my core workout (lots of sit ups, oblique sit ups, flutter kicks and bicycle crunches) for about 2 months due to just ripping all the skin off my tailbone. I've gone to start again today with my old routine but reduced reps, but straight away I'm getting bad lower back pain during flutter kicks, which I never used to get full stop. My form is fine, no arching of the back and my core while not as strong is still capable of the old 85 sit ups to the beep with good form.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the pain/how I can stop it? Any help is appreciated greatly



Jul 20, 2020
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Core exercises are some of the best ways to destroy your lower back and herniate the disc. I was speaking to a doctor friend of mine today regarding core exercises and they stated that flutter kicks were the absolute worst thing you could do. I had a similar problem over lockdown after doing excessive sit ups and found the research of Prof Stuart Mcgill and the 'big three' core exercises to be very handy in getting rid of back pain as well as core exercises that do not stress the low back. How you injured your spine is due to the fundamental principle that the core is meant to be stiff in order to prevent the spine from moving and therefore is meant to work by remaining stationary ie in a plank whereas using it to do sit ups etc and move parts of your body if done sufficiently or when combined with other activities that stress the low spine will cause an injury. Additionally morning training and sitting on a chair all day will increase the likelyhood of back injury. The best rehabilitation is to just stop doing more things but maintain exercise but for core do the 'big three' which is bird dog, side plank and a variation of a crunch which you can look up where you have one leg bent and one arm supporting your lumbar spine.

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