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Jun 18, 2008
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Right im going to put on weight, i did this before a few years ago using protein shakes to get up my weight from 9 stone to 9.5, it worked, and now i struggle to maintain ten stone. I was 10.5 stone last year after a long holiday with no exercise, and i want to get up to 11 stone max, mostly muscle, bit of fat (cant be too buff :p).

Personally i feel too light at 10 stone and feel 11 stone is more reasonable for me, even being my height 5'4". A freind i know is the same height and weighs about 12 stone, maybe more, but he plays rugby.

Got some soya protein, mainly because that one was cheap, and i've tried loads of different stuff before, all i want is the protein stuff, it was either that or whey. Been doing it for about 6 days now, two lots a day, one in place of a meal with milk, and if i do exercise that day then i will have one after that too, but with water. And then i will eat balanced food as normal, plus plenty of water.

Anyway will let you know if it works this time, plus if i just get fat or whatever *text deleted*
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