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Jul 19, 2007
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Im not jumping the gun here, I just want to know what happens exactly. Im under the impression after you finish RT, you go straight into action. Do you get any time before you go into action ?.

Also when you do that year tour I believe it is, do you have any time off during that time ?.

Any answers are welcomed.

ste preece

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Mar 7, 2007
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Ty: One never knows what the priorities of the RM are until they make a decision at the highest levels. You are not guaranteed to go straight into active service, although it is possible.

Generally you will be assigned to a Commando Unit and will go where ever they are assigned to. Quite often different Commando Units have different deployment plans. i.e. Afganistan, Iraq, Belize, Borneo, the Arctic etc etc.

It is normal practice to give you a period of time off after a deployment. Although I don't think its ever been the case of you're going to be deployed in to a hot zone so grant the guys some pre tour leave.

Just to set your expectations.

That said: I would think more about this if you make the grade. Rather than talking the talk, before walking the walk.)

All going well, by that time you'll be as keen as mustard to go anywhere they choose to send you.

I think the saying is: before you cross the bridge you have to arrive there first!! :eek:ops: :shock: :eek: :D