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Dec 29, 2007
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Basically, just got back off tour with rugby. An absolutely mental week, and i should be really out of shape, however.... I am not.

Basically, we had rules on tour, and if you broke the rules, you had to do a forfit.

The main rule was "the game of life" no matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing, if you say the word "mine" you had to do ten press ups. When you are drunk... you end up doing about 200 press ups in a night.

Another rule was if someone shouted grenade, you had to hit the deck soon as possible, once on the deck someone would shout, give me ten! ( meaning press-ups) then if someone should shout *ten more" you have to do it.

Other calls included -Squat a female, meaning pick up the first female you see and do 30 squats with her on your back.

And for cardio, everynight we would go to a hamster wheel, and run until we fell over. On top of all of that, we did play a bit of rugby over there.

So basically what I am saying, if your going on a bender with the lads, get some physical punishments in there to make you feel less guilty in the morning!
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