Boxing Training


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Sep 8, 2008
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After an invite from a good mate of mine to start training with him down the club where he goes I've decided I'm definitley going to take him up on the offer. Always had a lot of respect for Boxers and Boxing training and actually did it myself when I were 15 and really enjoyed it. Only thing that put a stop to it were when I suffered a broken femur whilst playing Rugby. I feel this will also benefit my training a lot in pursuit of "THAT" Green Beret.

Obviously that extra fitness and endurance, self-discipline, controlled aggression which I think could translate very well into really developing that 'State of Mind'. Then of course there's the physical side of it. All this whilst having an excellent work-out. Certainly sounds good to me!

I know there's a few other lads on here who do Boxing training?!... How would you say it has benefitted yourself personally and your potential Marine training?