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Changes,then and now.

Discussion in 'RM Operational News' started by Rover, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Rover

    Rover Moderator

    Oct 23, 2008
    A post on OAMAAM by a former Royal Marine......

    "At Taunton's RMA meeting last night, the CO and RSM of 40 were present and I have to say on a personal note, the Unit looks in very good hands. The CO and RSM looked extremely young to me , but most people do. The CO spoke for a good 25 minutes on what the Unit was doing now and in the future, and quite a bit about the way forward in the Corps.

    Extremely enlightening, 40 is down to 430? men and the other Units similarly, very difficult to retain guys and to recruit good men who will stay. Main reasons , Very few operational tours, a buoyant economy outside ( His words not mine Pockets), better pay in civvy street and more opportunities coming on stream for better salaries in civvy street.

    He went on to say about the future roles for the corps, and that it will be more fragmented smaller units operating worldwide with better communications and equipment.

    The lads seem to have a lot of really good exercises in foreign climates, mainly to keep them interested and to enhance and improve their skills, recently , companies have been in Australia, Belize, the USA etc. All good for Morale.

    On thinking about this, this morning I could not help but think back to when I joined in 1970, basically 25 years after the WW2 and the difference between the Corps then and when I joined, and Now after being out 26 years this year , I look back and see the massive difference between the Corps then and Now. There is no comparison.

    So for all of you guys who like me, like to ponder about whether things are right or wrong with our Royal Corps, think seriously about the timespan from the time you left until now. It really is scary.

    I have to say though the CO a SBS rating, really had a superb sense of humour and personally I believe will go far. All the best to the lads today, They have some remarkable guys leading them and will probably need them in the future."

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