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May 27, 2020
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Hi all,

I applied to join in 2019 and was rejected. Upon reapplying in 2020 with a different email (for reasons of convenience), my application was rejected and the following seems to be the grounds(same reason as in 2019):

- Applications from Commonwealth Nations are currently oversubscribed, including:
- Your application is not considered suitable in areas such a physical fitness, body mass index and does not suggest a full understanding of the role.

Now, I can understand if there are too many applications and I missed the boat. However, how can they assess my physical ability via the online application? My BMI is 25.7 and I have entered running, bodybuilding, athletics and basketball as my sports.

So I asked with some fellow mates and they told me to shoot a mail to career advisor. I wrote a mail stating the same.

The CPO answered my mail and told me my application was rejected because "RM is not about playing sports and I need to understand the fitness requirements"
I was puzzled and asked for clarification and he said to check on the website where I did not find anything. I never mentioned sports as a way for RM. I only selected the ones which I perform and which they asked.
He then wrote a mail that my current application will be Rejected(Yes! With capital R in the mail) and said to me rudely that you need to grasp better otherwise I will do the same again and again.

I am at a loss for words. I did not reply back fearing permanently debarred from applying.
Can anyone help me? Where I am going wrong in my application? Can any senior members help me?

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Jan 18, 2016
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Need to edit the name of your Careers Officer out of that. Big Persec foul. Also if your username is a real name, then same goes.


Jul 10, 2007
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As ever, there are to sides to every tale of woe and the trouble with the written word is that it can invariably be misinterpreted if kept brief and factual.

I'm aware that those managing overseas applicants are inundated due to the volume of candidates applying and my guess is the first reply is a maybe template email, which lists all the most common reasons for knock-back.

Your BMI looks fine going by that which you have declared. Teamwork is a key element of recruit training, so team sports are encouraged however, as you'll be aware, CV fitness training is essential whereas bodybuilding isn't, ie: quite the reverse.

They are perhaps looking for stats and frequency of your training schedule. A brief training diary, perhaps.

So far as I was aware, overseas recruiting is currently paused due to Covid-19 restrictions however, if you are dissatisfied with the manner in which your application has been treated, it's probably best to write a polite letter and print off and include the email conversation, then send it addressed to the Area Recruiting Manager at the same address as the processing AFCO, requesting your application is reviewed.

Obviously I have no visibility with regard the content of the email trail but if you are unhappy with the tone of the response, the odds are the sender isn't happy with the tone of your side of the conversation either, so give it an unemotive review just to check you are comprehensively responding to the questions asked and there's no possible chance any of your responses could appear to be ambiguous.

The other thing is: Why were you rejected in 2019, were there any differences in the reasons?

Could a fresh re-application with a different email address and/or changed details be interpreted as a fraudulent attempt to re-apply? Were your answers the same or different to the last time you applied?

Best of luck.


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Apr 24, 2020
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In addition to @Ninja_Stoker those managing the overseas offices are overwhelmed with applications to work on. They are human I think some bad morning in addition with your kind of words in your email can trigger something. With my experience I had to be humbly requesting for suggestions from my CA. At some point I was asked to proof I can swim, which from asking people no one seems to understand that.. I called the CA and the one that picked up also was wondering how I could proof I could swim without been in the water physically. But eventually I was able to pass that stage. So kindly choose your words when replying and if it doesn't work then you address a letter to the Area Recruiting manager