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Apr 23, 2008
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Basically I'm out in Mozambique until the end of June and couldn't bring my running shoes with me *text deleted* of the weight limit on my flight out. I don't have access to a gym so my training routine *text deleted* is sit ups and press ups every evening and swimming twice a week (doing pyramids for about 50-60 lengths total). Anyone got any advice for a training routine that I can do at home without access to any kit?



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Mar 6, 2007
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Alright Mate.

There's loads of body weight exercise you can use to improve muscle endurance/strength/anaerobic/aerobic fitness.

For example:

Body weight squats.
Squat jumps.
Scissor strides.
Lunge Jumps.
Star jumps.
Tuck jumps.
Squat Thrusts.
Mountain Climbers.
Step ups.
Running in place (high knees) / marking time.

If you have a bit of space you could also add a few shuttle runs in between exercises.

All of the above will work your CV system effectively ( as long as you work at a high enough intensity ) as well as improving muscular endurance.
A couple of examples of how you could use the above exercises:

20 Burpees.
10 Tuck jumps.
20 squat jumps.
20 squat thrusts.

All performed as fast as possible to get the heart rate up. Then rest for between 1-3 minutes ( or whatever you require ) then repeat as many times as you can handle ( without going over the top )

When muscular endurance begins to limit your intensity you can change to another exercise which uses different muscle groups. Notice how the above switches emphasis to different muscle groups allowing you to keep the heart rate up.

30 body weight squats.
50 star jumps.
30 mountain climbers
30 scissor strides

Repeat as above.

You could also try tabata intervals. Pick any exercise. Work as hard as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds, then work again for 20 secs, then rest 20 secs. Repeat this 8 times ( 8 x 20 work periods with 10 seconds rest = 1 set ). Repeat as many times as required.

There's also density training. Pick any exercise. Set a time period of say 10 minutes and perform as many reps as possible during that period. Limit your rest periods during this time to as little as possible. Next time you do one of these sessions aim to beat the number of reps you did in the last session.

Be creative, use a variety of exercises, using a variety of protocols.

Hope this give you some ideas.

If anythings unclear let me know.


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