Does anyone else find that...


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Mar 23, 2008
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... their parents always claim they're busier than you?

I work 20 hours a week, am in uni 20 hours a week, do assignments at least 10 hours a week, exercise 5 hours a week and do course rep stuff for at least 2 hours a week. All in all, 57 hours a week.

My mum is retired. My dad works 35 hours a week and watches TV.

Yet they're 'busier.'

Thread inspired by my mum getting the hump for me telling her friend I can go around and set up her computer a week next Tuesday. :flushed:

I'm sure I could be doing P-Coy, the Commando Course and SAS Selection in a week and they'd still claim they're busier and work harder.


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Sep 26, 2009
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I know the feeling. No matter how much extra work you have to complete in your own time, on top of actual lessons and then employment, the parents are always busier or have a harder week. Life of a student i suppose.
Wait till we're into training, then wait for them to try and tell us they are busier.


Haha I can't say I share your sentiments precisely. My parents have always been pretty cool like that. It's my cousins, siblings and friends that drive me nuts.

Without word of a lie, in the week before opening night on most of our productions we could work a 90+ hour week. 08.00 to 22.00 or 23.00 every day.

For some of my friends, a lecture at 10.00 on a Thursday morning makes for a very difficult week.

Some subjects are so ridiculously cushy I really don't understand how on earth universities can ask for more then three grand to give 4 hours of lectures a week.


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Dec 30, 2009
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My oul fella's in An Garda Siochana (Irish Police Force).
He's nearly fifty and can still beat the daylights outta men half his age. Makes me feel a wee bit crap about myself actually :(

I cannot claim that I work more than my parents.... yet.


Dear Arma*text deleted**text deleted** awesome,

Thanks for posting this thread

Must agree and concur (simultaneously) but would also like to point out that perception of time and "busyness" is relative. As Egbert Einstain said, "The faster you go - the slower you move" - its important to remember that when comparing your own relative occupancy rates to those of others.

Trust me, coming from a bear, a hard-worker myself, sometimes you need to sit back, lock * load, let the good times roll, and parents truely can appreciate that.

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